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Choosing a Yorkie Puppy or a Veteran Yorkie as Your Pet

    Breed 101, Yorkie Adoption and Foster Care    February 26, 2016

Bonbon Yorkie at Chruch

When choosing a Yorkie puppy as your pet, you need to pay attention to specific characteristics. First of all you need to pay attention to the health of puppies and if you see that some of them behave in a different way, you need to exclude them from your choice as if a puppy is a bit ill, it will be rather hard to train. Besides, these toy breeds are prone to health issues and it is rather important to choose the healthiest one.

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Yorkie Adoption Contract

    Yorkie Adoption and Foster Care    June 22, 2014

Yorkie Adoption Agreement

Puppy adoption contracts vary from breeder to breeder, so it is very important to review the contract carefully: many contracts cover the circumstances in which a refund or replacement dog will be offered, what type of registration the dog will be given (limited or full—the latter being the only type in which owners are allowed to show and breed their dog), and what the buyer is consenting to (such as agreeing to spay or neuter the dog).
The adoption process that includes a fair amount of paperwork. Here is some typical information you can expect to see in a Yorkie Adoption Contract:

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  • Leaving your Yorkie while on vacation

    Leaving my Beloved Yorkie -Bonbon behind while travelling

    by on March 15, 2018 - 0 Comments

    On November of last year, I took a well deserved vacation trip to Europe. It would be 30 days long and since I was going to stay in friend’s homes it was not possible to take Bonbon with me. As you can imagine this was a main concern for me but on the other hand […]

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