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Allergies in Yorkies and what Triggers Them

    Preventive Care    February 6, 2015

Prevent yorkie allergies

A lot of dogs suffer from allergies or experience allergenic reactions and your Yorkie may not be an exception. Dog breeders consider that about 30 percent of all dogs have a certain type of allergy. The triggers may be numerous but experts differentiate three types of them that include contact, inhaled and ingested ones.

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Yorkies and your Allergies

    Breed 101    June 22, 2014

how to prevent dog allergies

If you suffer from allergies to dogs, but still desire a canine companion, you may want to consider a Yorkie. While naming a dog “hypoallergenic” is actually a misnomer, Yorkies have been known to be less likely to trigger an allergic reaction in those who are vulnerable compared to some other breeds of dogs.

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