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Color Changes in Yorkies

    Breed 101    February 2, 2015

Peculiarity of Yorkies

Yorkies are really popular for their small sizes and the ability to change colors of their fur. It’s an interesting fact that all Yorkie puppies have the same two colors when they are born but, when they get older, they usually change their colors. The most frequent colors of their fur are black and tan but, of course, there are some exceptions.

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Yorshire Terrier Color Changes

    Breed 101    June 22, 2014

yorkie color changes

The American Kennel Club places great importance on color, quality, and texture of the Yorkshire Terrier coat — so much so that although non-standard breed colors will be permitted registration, they will not be permitted to compete in AKC sponsored events.

Body Color

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    Leaving my Beloved Yorkie -Bonbon behind while travelling

    by on March 15, 2018 - 0 Comments

    On November of last year, I took a well deserved vacation trip to Europe. It would be 30 days long and since I was going to stay in friend’s homes it was not possible to take Bonbon with me. As you can imagine this was a main concern for me but on the other hand […]

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