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Nutrition and Diet for Your Yorkie Puppy

    Puppy Care    August 18, 2014

Yorkie Puppy

Puppies of a Yorkshire terrier need a little extra care when it comes to nutrition and diet. This is common with small breeds. A Yorkie puppy needs to have premium dog food during their developing stage and must be fed several times a day to avoid hypoglycemia. A consistent feeding routine and bite-sized dog food will ensure that the puppy will become a good companion growing up.

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    Leaving my Beloved Yorkie -Bonbon behind while travelling

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    On November of last year, I took a well deserved vacation trip to Europe. It would be 30 days long and since I was going to stay in friend’s homes it was not possible to take Bonbon with me. As you can imagine this was a main concern for me but on the other hand […]

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