Cheat Sheet of Yorkshire Terriers

The Yorkshire terrier was once known as a working class dog but they have become a favorite among royalty and celebrities all across the globe. Families also love having them as pets. The breed is also known as the Yorkie.

In the past, the Yorkshire terrier accompanied textile industry workers who came from Scotland to England. They were used to catch rats. They became popular pets in the late Victorian era and were recognized in America in the 1870s. And since then, they have been treated as household pets.Yorshire Terrier Facts

Puppies of the Yorkshire terrier are black and tan when they are born. They have their tails docked to a medium length. They come in two colors, tan that is tan and black and blue that is tan and black. The coat of the Yorkie requires attention, especially if you allow it to grow long and it should be brushed daily in order to keep it smooth. This is also a good way to bond with the dog.

The Yorkshire terrier is a small breed that weighs less than nine pounds.

They might not be big but they have a lot of personality.

You should have the patience when dealing with the Yorkie. They are fragile and pet parents need to be careful not to sit or step on them. When they are left alone for a long period of time, they have the tendency to be destructive.

Yorkshire terrier needs to be socialized and taken to obedience classes. If they are no socialized, they tend to become fearful and shy. House breaking a Yorkie is difficult, just like a lot of dogs. You need to have the patience to train one. It is also a good watch dog and they will let you know when someone is at your front door.

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