Everything about Yorkshire Terriers – Love your Yorkie
Everything about Yorkshire Terriers – Love your Yorkie

Gaping Hole in my Life…

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This is the story submitted by J.J Scolastice about his beloved  Izzy

“I am a disabled senior but still get around well enough to take good care of a gift that I pray may come my way.
I am not interested in breeding or showing my “blessing”. I just need to fill this gaping hole in me and my life. I have raised two Yorkies.

I lost my boy Wookie 6 years ago. My Little girl Izzy died last year of a congenital heart defect according to my vet. I live alone. My Izzy went EVERYWHERE that I did. She watched T.V. with me, she went to the store with me, she made sure that I stayed active with her, she slept in bed with me, when she wanted a bath she showered with me…we were never out of eachothers sight! She made sure of that. When Izzy passed, it was the most sad I have been in years. It has been over a year now. People bring me varieties of puppies and I thank them but decline. It would not be fair to the dog, the folks or me for that matter. Once you are so in love with your Yorkie and lose them, well, the emptiness and sense of “alone” is at least ‘overwhelming’.

I knew I needed to start over but just couldn’t. I gathered up all of her toys but couldn’t even make myself get rid of them till last month. It actually made me cry to burn them but I had to. I was looking at a picture of Izzy awhile ago and I swear a feeling came over me that she was telling me to “let go”! I began the search for another little girl that I could love and be loved back. The hole needed to heal. Do you know anyone on Social Security? If you do, then you know how difficult it is to survive let alone spend the money folks are asking for Yorkie puppies these days. I never thought I would be reduced to the place in life where I had to do this. But through humility some good things may come I guess.

I am asking you folks that understand the love I have for Yorkies and the need I have to have another chance to love and be loved by a little girl that would NEVER want or need more than what I will give her. If you can find it in your heart, you couldn’t ask for a better home for her. I can’t afford to buy her. Help if you can but if not, at least maybe others may understand how large a commitment a Yorkie is and how much they share in return! I thank you all for your care and concern in this story.”

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