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Gaping Hole in my Life…

This is the story submitted by J.J Scolastice about his beloved  Izzy “I am a disabled senior but still get around well enough to take good care of a gift that I pray may come my way. I am not interested in breeding or showing my “blessing”. I just need […]

Tips when traveling with your Yorkie

How to Travel with your Yorkshire Terrier

Travelling with your Yorkshire terrier is a wonderful experience. That’s one of the reasons why a lot of people prefer to take their dogs along when they go on family getaways, instead of placing them in a kennel or have someone take care of the dog.

Using a crate to train your Yorkie

Training your Yorkshire Terrier the Right Way

Crate training a Yorkshire terrier should not be treated as a punishment to the dog or something cruel. Crates should be seen as a safe place for the Yorkie. It is where the dog can go and curl up once in a while. The crate serves as a sanctuary that […]

Yorkshire terriers

Preventing Tear Stains if You Have Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire terriers are known for tearing from their eyes that will make them unattractive. The tear stains will also make the dog uncomfortable. That’s why an owner of a Yorkie must do one’s best to minimize the stains and make the dog feel better and at the same time look […]

Yorkie food tips

Learn about the Diet of a Yorkshire Terrier

A Yorkshire terrier is a small but energetic dog. Their diet is similar to other small breeds but owners should consider the weight and size determining how often and the amount of food to feed the dog. Puppies are fed as often as four times a day in order to […]

Yorkie Housebreaking

Housebreaking Challenges Yorkshire Terrier Owners Face

One of the challenges that new Yorkshire terrier owners face is housebreaking the puppy. A Yorkie can be hard to train. The smaller the puppy, the smaller its bladder is. That means the owner must be vigilant when potty training the puppy. You must be able to have patience and […]

Newborn Yorkshire Terrier

How to Determine if Yorkshire Terrier is Pregnant

If you don’t want to breed a female Yorkshire terrier, then it is best to spay her. But if you are going to breed the dog then you should keep in mind that the Yorkie can get pregnant the first time she mates with a stud. There are indicators to […]

Yorkshire Terrier Shiny

Ways to Make Yorkshire Terrier’s Hair Shiny

Yorkshire Terriers or Yorkies are small breed dogs. They are energetic, affectionate and adventurous. They are loving companions as well. If you own a Yorkshire terrier then you should be prepared to regularly groom it. The breed doesn’t shed its hair but it requires brushing and combing to keep the […]


Possible Skin Conditions in Yorkshire Terriers

The Yorkshire terrier is an attractive breed due to its small size and gentle appearance. Yorkies are also known to be brave, energetic, and loving. But their small size doesn’t stop them from being adventurous. They are protective and loyal to their masters. But just like any other dog breed, […]

Dog Trimmers

Trimmers You Should Use on a Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire terriers are known for their fine, long hair making it really  easy to get dirty. There are owners who opt to trim the hairs of their Yorkie in order to keep it manageable and clean. It is known as puppy cut due to the fact that the dog will […]

Yorkie Puppy

Nutrition and Diet for Your Yorkie Puppy

Puppies of a Yorkshire terrier need a little extra care when it comes to nutrition and diet. This is common with small breeds. A Yorkie puppy needs to have premium dog food during their developing stage and must be fed several times a day to avoid hypoglycemia. A consistent feeding […]