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Most of dogs like staying around the house but, if you need to travel with your pet, you need to consider taking the necessary things with you. Besides, a lot of dogs like riding a car but you need to follow simple rules to ensure that your pet will not get hurt. Before teaching your dogs how to behave in a car, you need to make sure that they will have a lot of things that they will recognize and they will not so nervous.

  • To start your trip, you will need to get the necessary provision of food and water for several hours if you do not want to have any accidents in a car.

Car Traveling tips for Yorkies

  • It is better to use a crate to make your dog stay in one place and, before starting the engine, it is better to make sure that your dog will not be running all over the car. But, at the same time, you need to make your dog seat comfortable and high enough so that your dog could see what is happening around.
  • A lot of owners of dogs let them lean his head out of the window, but it is impossible if you have a Yorkie as dust and bugs can easily get into the eyes and ears. But, of course, you cannot keep your dog away from fresh air and opening your window about an inch will be enough to make your pet feel satisfied.
  • Keeping your dog in a crate will prevent you from any worries about your dog can get into an accident and when arriving at your destination, you will not be afraid that your dog will jump out as soon as you open the door. Thus, your dog will always be under your control and all your attention will be concentrated on things that need to be done during the day.
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