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Controlling the Weight of Your Yorkie

    Common Conditions    August 23, 2015

Overweight Yorkie Nutrition

Any owner of a Yorkie will always tell you that your dog should have the right weight. You should not close your eyes if your Yorkie looks a bit fluffy. You should not look for reasons why the dog looks like that saying that your dog has big bones. You need to assess the body condition of your dog and try maintaining the right weight of your pet.

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How to Make Yorkie Live for 15 Years with a Healthy Diet

    Diet and Nutrition    May 22, 2015

Yorkie healthy food

Yorkies are really delicate dogs and they are highly predisposed to certain health conditions if they do not follow the proper diet. That is why dog owners need to pay attention to foods taken by the dog all the time. A regular diet is everything a yorkie needs to be healthy and energetic as never. Digestive systems in Yorkies are really sensitive to any food which is different from what is used every day.

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Yorkshire Terriers May be Predisposed to Protein Losing Enteropathy

    Diet and Nutrition    December 8, 2014

Protein Losing Enteropathy

Health of any Yorkshire Terrier depends on the ability to eat and assimilate beneficial nutrients. If this process is not in order, your Yorkie will experience certain diseases and the conditions may be really harmful. One of these most dangerous diseases could be protein losing enteropathy which does not let the dog perform activities in the normal way. During this disease, your Yorkie may experience certain conditions associated with the intestines.

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Your Yorkie Needs Food High in Nutritional Value

    Diet and Nutrition    December 5, 2014

Yorkie Needs Food

Any human needs to follow a certain diet to feel energetic and refreshed. Dogs are not an exception. Yorkshire terriers are really intelligent and high energy dogs. We cannot imagine a Yorkie being sad and dull. The mood of your Yorkie depends on the food it digests and the most crucial ingredient in the diet should be represented by meat. But, at the same time, it is better to serve meat with vegetables and different oils.

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Best Dog Food for Yorkies

    Diet and Nutrition    June 22, 2014

best food for yorkies

If you are in search of the best dog food for your Yorkie, there are several factors to consider including type, ingredients, and price. There are also several factors to watch out for including harmful additives, preservatives and artificial flavors and colors.
Dog Food: Wet or Dry?

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