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Yorkie Puppy basic Care

    Puppy Care    June 22, 2014

yorkie puppy basic care

It is always good advice to follow the same type of food and feeding procedures that your breeder recommends for at least two weeks after you bring home your new Yorkshire Terrier puppy.

Yorkshire Terrier puppies need to eat higher protein puppy food at least three to four times a day until they are 1-2 years old at which time you can switch them to an adult dog food.

If your Yorkie suffers from hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) from fasting too long between meals, you may have to feed your puppy smaller meals more frequently throughout the day.
Some Yorkshire Terrier puppies will not show great interest in their food and if this is the case, try mixing in a little bit of warm water to enhance the smell of the food.

If you think your puppy may be suffering from low blood sugar, mix a little honey into their drinking water.

The amount of food and how often you feed will depend on the age of your puppy and their level of activity.

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