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What makes a Yorkshire Terrier a Teacup Yorkie

    Breed 101    June 22, 2014

teacup yorkie puppies

Teacup Yorkie Puppies is a term used to describe abnormally small, or “teacup” sized dogs, and is often used in reference to very small Yorkshire Terriers.
A Yorkshire Terrier that matures to a weight between 4 and 7 pounds is what every reputable breeder consistently strives to attain in order to preserve the breed standard.

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How big will Teacup Yorkies get?

    Breed 101    June 22, 2014

teacup yorkie size

If you’ve ever wondered what a “teacup Yorkie” is compared to just a regular Yorkie, the main difference is the weight of the dog. These miniature dogs only weigh around 2-3 pounds when fully grown (usually between 12-18 months of age), compared to the standard Yorkshire Terrier, which is between 4-7 pounds. If you’re not very familiar with Yorkies (or other dogs belonging in the toy group), then you might be surprised to learn that Yorkshire Terriers do not have a “teacup” classification, although many unskilled—and usually unethical—breeders would have you believe otherwise.

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