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Yorkie Terriers sleep a lot. Their sleep routine is very similar to any other dog breed. They take a long block of sleep throughout the night and then take several intermittent naps throughout the day. 

However, the frequency of their slumber leads some owners to question how many hours a day do Yorkies sleep? Is it normal?

Does my Yorkie sleep a lot? Is there something wrong? In this article, we will be answering these questions in detail. 

How Long Do Yorkies Sleep?

little Yorkshire terrier sleeping

If you are worried about your Yorkie sleeping too often, we have some good news. It’s perfectly normal.

They do sleep a lot. However, the frequency of their sleep depends mostly on their age. Is your Yorkie an adult or a puppy?

Let’s take a look at sleep patterns in both age groups below. 

How Long Do Yorkie Puppies Sleep? 

Like babies, Yorkie pups will sleep a lot. As they are rapidly growing and tend to play hard, they tire out easily. Therefore, they need more sleep to recuperate and restore their natural energy levels.

A 3-week-old Yorkie can take a nap anywhere from 16 to 21 hours a day. This includes both nighttime rest and intermittent naps throughout the day.

If you get a little Yorkie, you will notice that your puppy’s nap lasts for 10 to 60 minutes. They wake up, play for a while, go poo, explore around, and the next thing you know, they’re sleeping again.

As your puppy grows old, you will notice a gradual decline in its sleep frequency. They will start moving away from their random sleep schedule to your schedule. 

How Long Do Adult Yorkie Terriers Sleep? 

Yorkie Terrier is a very active and energetic dog breed. Like Yorkie pups, adult Yorkies play a lot when awake. They will run around the place, explore the surroundings and remain vigilant of the surroundings.

This makes them tire quickly. A lazy Yorkie will sleep a lot. In general, a healthy adult Yorkie will sleep anywhere from 13 to 18 hours every day, including naps. 

It is very typical for an adult Yorkie to sleep through the night and then take one or two short naps throughout the day. The day naps usually tend to last from 10 to 60 minutes, depending on how peaceful the environment is.

While nighttime sleep is long, deep, and peaceful, afternoon naps tend to be somewhat lighter. 

How Long Do Senior Yorkie Terriers Sleep? 

If you have an older Yorkie (over 12 or 14 years), they will sleep longer than their younger counterparts. That means you should expect them to lay dozing off for about 16 to 20 hours each day.

Their sleeping behavior becomes very much like the puppies. This is because the energy levels drop as dogs age. Therefore, they become unwilling to stay active for longer periods. 

However, even in adult or older healthy Yorkies, the amount of sleep they take per day can vary. It depends on factors, such as the age of the dog, any health issues, the amount of exercise they receive when they are awake, and the overall home environment. 

Tips to Help your Yorkie Puppy Sleep Peacefully At Night

Woman hugging the yorkshire terrier

Try the below tips to instill a good nighttime sleeping routine in your Yorkie. These tips also help if you want to know how to make a Yorkie go to sleep easily. 

  • Give your pup a good bout of exercise throughout the day and before sleep. But make sure you call it a day two hours before bedtime.
  • Puppies need plenty of time to wind down. If you exercise them too close to bedtime, it may rev them up instead.
  • Remove their access to food and water almost an hour before bedtime
  • Dim the lights all over the house and remove any devices that may make any noise
  • Take them to the bathroom shortly before bedtime
  • Follow the same routine every night. It will ensure your little furry friend knows what to expect. 
  • Remove all the toys from their crate except for any sleep aids
  • Make sure their bed is nice, warm, and comfortable
  • A blanket that has their mom’s scent can also come in handy.

What Can Cause a Sudden Change in Yorkie Sleep Habits? 

yorkie trying to sleep

Various reasons can cause a sudden change in your Yorkie’s sleeping habits. For example: 

1. Health Issues

From depression to minor leg injury and digestive issues, various health issues can disrupt your Yorkie’s sleep pattern. Usually, when a dog’s body is fighting off a disease, it causes them to sleep more.

If your furry friend is showing chronic sleep disturbance, it’s time to consult your vet.

2. Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea is most common in overweight dogs. Nevertheless, it can happen to any dog breed of any size. Such dogs experience a short burst of obstructed breathing.

This leads them to wake up several times during the night, have loud snoring, and sleep extra hours during the day. 

3. Uncomfortable Bed

Like every other bed, dog beds wear out. Even the best quality canine beds remain comfortable for only 4 to 5 years.

When a Yorkie’s bed wears out, they will likely have problems sleeping during the night and sleeping a lot during the day. So, make sure the dog’s bed place is warm and comfortable. 

4. Exercise Too Close to Bedtime 

If your puppy has moderate or high activity too close to bedtime, it will have trouble settling down. Therefore, it’s best to just bring your pup for a walk no closer than two hours before bedtime. 

5. Environmental Factors

Any changes in the environment, such as relocating to a new house, can result in your dog taking longer naps. Moreover, other environmental factors such as bright light or noise can make it hard for your dog to relax. 

Final Thoughts

We hope now you know how long Yorkies sleep and why. Yorkies are a species of superactive small dogs. They love playing, spending time with their owners, and exploring all around the place.

Due to their energetic temperament, they get exhausted quickly and usually spend a big chunk of the day sleeping in their cozy place.

Nevertheless, if you notice a sudden change in your sleep time, a simple lifestyle or diet change may help. Otherwise, you should consult your vet for assistance. 

Thank you for reading, and have a great day!