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How much does a Yorkie and Teacup Yorkies Cost?

If you are in the market for a Yorkie, it won’t take you long to discover that the Yorkshire Terrier is an expensive breed: reputable breeders can charge anywhere from $800 to $10,000 for each pup. And because Yorkies belong to the toy group, the female typically only whelps 1-4 […]

Cute Yorkie

My Yorkie is like having a baby: Shared By Elisa

Thanks for sharing your beautiful Leila Elisa! My daughter gave me, Leila. My Yorkie turned six years young December of 2019! She is very smart and very loving. When I don’t feel well she’s always there to comfort me. I’m so grateful for my Leila! Thank you, Heavenly Father!

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My Special Boy by Jeffrey

Thanks for sharing your story and photo Jeffrey! My story started on Sept 01 2019, It was two little boys born on that day. The owner gave me the mother and the two puppies to raise up to eight weeks. one of them would be mine, but they where the […]

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Can My Yorkie Get The Coronavirus

Just saying the word coronavirus strikes fear into most people these days. No wonder as The World Health Organization declared coronavirus a global health emergency. But now the worry is spreading to concern about pets catching this virus. So we thought it would be a good time to ask, can […]

Valentine day with your Yorkie

How To Show Your Yorkie Some Love On Valentine’s Day

What better holiday is there to show your Yorkie that you love him or her than on Valentine’s Day! Yes, this holiday is no longer just for humans – Valentine’s Day is perfect for creating something special for your most devoted furry family member. It will be wonderful to include […]

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How To Pee Pad Train Your Yorkie

Because of the perfectly petite size of their dog, many Yorkie pet parents live in condo and apartment buildings. Some actually do a lot of traveling with their Yorkie, be it in an RV or crisscrossing the country and staying in hotels. All of us who love Yorkies understand that […]

Best companion dog for a Yorkie

What Breed Makes For A Good Yorkie Buddy?

A lot of people consider getting a furry buddy for their Yorkie. This can be due to work schedules, to help fend off their Yorkie’s boredom, as well as a desire to have one more fuzzball in their home. But what kind of dog? Small? Big? What breed makes for […]

Yorkie Heart disease

What Should Yorkie Owners Know About DCM?

When it comes to dilated cardiomyopathy, commonly referred to as DCM, most people think of it as a ‘large breed’ issue. Why? Because canine DCM is in the news a lot lately due to the FDA receiving over 500 reports of dogs developing this uncommon type of heart disease (source). […]

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How to find a Responsible Yorkie Breeder

I love dogs, actually I love all animals, I am actually Vegan, but well that is not the point of this article. I imagine you also love dogs. They are forgiving loyal and loving beings that deserve the best. If you are reading these words I imagine you are considering […]

Detailed guide to travel with dog to Europe

Traveling with your Yorkie to Europe

Preface I recently was lucky enough of traveling with my beloved Yorkie Bonbon to visit some friends in Spain. Initially I was very worried and doubtful. I wasn’t sure if I should leave Bonbon home while I traveled or if I should take him with me. How complex could the […]

How Bonbon became my daily work companion

I live in Seattle, which has become a dog city. There is a dog for every person I think….and many of the big companies like Microsoft, Amazon and others let their employees bring their four legged families to work every day.

Yorkie allergy treatment

Allergies on Yorkies: Causes and Treatment

I have been trying to minimize Bonbon’s allergies for some time. Specially during Spring and Summer time, pollen is a real issue and it affects humans and dogs as well, and so much so Bonbon. When dealing with allergies, you can treat the symptoms but it is hard, nearly impossible, […]