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Twenty four years ago I had a car accident and was left on a wheel chair for several months. The physical injuries were serious but most importantly I was emotionally affected or more clearly I was severely depressed.
A friend found an female Yorkie lost on the street and although he knew I was not a dog lover thought this would be good company for me while I recovering from my accident. Reluctantly I named her ‘Chiquita” due to her small size. Rapidly, this new companion changed my life, and my day in and day out, became so much enjoyable. She was so cuddly, sweet, and intelligent, and always there for me SHE rescued me.

Then came Maya, as a present from my son. She had 3 beautiful puppies and I decided to keep one named Bonbon. He became part of the family but without any warning and as a complete surprise, Maya passed away 2 years ago due to a heart failure. Bonbon has become my unconditional companion. He makes me get up in the morning no matter how cold or dark it is in Winter and of course no matter how many beds he has, three all over the house, his best sleeping place is on my bed at my feet, warm and cuddly…

Sometimes it seems as if they were humans…they are so into their owner, every step and moment of the day. Their independent personality also makes it a challenge caring for them.

My love for these wonderful animals is what has inspired me to have YorkiePassion.com

I hope the informational articles will allow you to have a better understanding of the breed and their needs. I hope as well that Yorkie lovers can find a common place to share their experiences, photos, knowledge and advice that will benefit their own Yorkies as well as many abandoned, abused and sick Yorkies that need all the help and support we can offer.

Don’t buy a Yorkie when you can adopt one!


mary bonbon and maya

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love the yorkies

Catherine Cronin
Catherine Cronin

I have recently taken in a yorkie about 6 years old. I don’t really know his history but I know he has some issues. He use to winch when a hand was raised and stayed under the table sometimes. He is improving with our love though. We already have a big German Shepherd aged 5 years and they are getting on well, chasing each other around our big garden. He doesn’t like being alone and follows us around the house constantly. He also has the run of the house and sleeps in my bed, but needs to get up a… Read more »

Donna Hollingberry

I decided to place an ad on your site but unfortunately at the time the puppies were to small. They now are three weeks old and I came back to your site to update with new pictures, however I am unable to find a place to do edits and/or upload new photos. Can you please assist.

Thank you,