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Having dogs is no less than having human children. They too require care, love, and attention. It’s a full-time responsibility and you need all the help you can get. We’ve compiled a list of apps for dog owners that can help make your life and dog ownership just a tad bit easier.

It doesn’t matter if you just adopted a puppy or have been keeping dogs for a while now, these dog apps are sure to make your life easier.


Rover is another dog app that allows you to search for and book local pet sitters and dog walkers. If you need a dog walker or pet sitter on a regular basis, but can’t find one on Wag, this is an excellent alternative. Rover allows you to look up potential dog walkers in your area and set up an initial meeting to see if they are a suitable fit for you and your pet.

The companies providing pet care services determine their own rates and menu of offerings. The distance, star rating, availability, and types of services offered are all filterable options. Within the app, you may book a walker or sitter, pay for their services, and exchange messages.


The Chewy app streamlines the process of shopping for and purchasing dog supplies. It sells dog clothes, toys, snacks, food, training equipment, and medications for pets (vet authorization required). It’s one of the best apps to help your dog and you.

The Chewy app is a terrific way to order your pet’s regular items or to test out new ones because of Chewy’s excellent reputation for customer service. Chewy will give you a refund and you can give the item away to a local dog shelter if your dog doesn’t like the product.

iCall – Call Recording App

We’re sure you get a call or two when you are out walking your dog and you’ve often wondered “how can I record my phone call?”.

Well, you can use the iCall recording application for recording your phone calls. This call recorder app for iPhone will come in handy so you can use the recorded information for a review later and you don’t miss any important information as a result of being busy taking care of your dog.

iCall comes with a free trial that can perform all the basic recordings for you to get familiar with it.


Every dog owner knows how challenging it is to acquire a good photo of their dog in a natural stance. This dog app is great if you have a hard time coaxing your dog into giving you a straight-on stare into your smartphone’s camera.

To improve your dog photography, DogCam uses a variety of sounds to attract your pet’s attention. To attract your pet’s attention, the free edition includes a whistle, barking sounds, and squeaky toys. In case you want to record some silly dog movies to show your friends or TikTok followers, you may do that, too.


You have undoubtedly encountered Puppr before. The quality of this software has steadily increased over the course of its existence. The developers have consistently put time and effort into the app, improving it and enhancing it with each new version.

It was chosen by Apple as an Editor’s Choice. When it comes to dog training, this is a top-notch app to help your dog.

A team of expert educators has assembled more than 70 lessons on Puppr for your perusal. Each course includes both written instructions and visual aids (pictures and videos) to help you follow along. Struggling? Sign into the app to have a conversation with a real-life coach and gain insight into your capabilities.

The app keeps track of your dog’s progress through the various training stages in his or her own profile. Training your dog is now more fun than ever thanks to digital badges that are awarded for completing courses.

The software also includes a digital clicker for use in clicker training, as well as a store selling treats, crates, and other training essentials that have been vetted by professional dog trainers.

This app includes everything a dog owner, whether they’re just starting out or have had their dog for years, could want. And it keeps getting better as new training options, accessories, and other features are added.

Good Pup

Who’s a good pup? Who has the best dog? Absolutely correct! You’re it! You are! The reason is that you went and got GoodPup. An expertly crafted best app to help your dog that connects you with certified, reviewed, and vetted trainers to help you bring out the best in your dog.

The trainer may observe your every move while you instruct the dog via live video chat, ensuring that you are following proper procedure. Based on their profile photo, bio, ratings, certificates, and areas of expertise, you select your trainer.

You can talk to your trainer in real time in between video lessons to get answers to frequently asked questions. The app allows for flexible scheduling so you can train your pup when it is convenient for you.

Since the global epidemic has made it dangerous to leave the house or accept a visitor, training remotely has become even more attractive. GoodPup may assist you in training your dog effectively, which is essential. Never fail your puppy!


Your dog is your best friend. Don’t fail them. Always invest in their stimulation and also make sure you leverage technology to be a better dog owner. Apps like iCall can help you spend time with your dog while also not wasting any time and important information.