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One of the key ingredients of a successful marriage is cultivating friendship and trust in your relationship. However, cases of infidelity have been increasing steadily throughout the years, causing many couples to separate. Learning how to spy on your spouse’s cell phone can help you discover whether he/she is having an affair.

In this article, we’ll discuss the best apps to monitor your spouse’s phone.

Five Best Apps for Spying on Your Spouse

Your partner’s bizarre antics might have left you wondering: is he cheating on me? Fortunately, tracking their devices using a dedicated spy app can help you figure out whether they’re seeing other people.

Here are the top 5 spouse spy apps to monitor snapchat or other messengers in the market:

1. Eyezy

Eyezy is a dedicated spy software that can help you to spy on your spouse without raising his/her suspicion. This app is equipped with an assortment of vital features that include:

  • Social Spotlight. This feature reveals your partner’s sent and received chat messages on Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and other instant messaging apps.
  • Pinpoint. View your spouse’s live GPS location on a map using Eyezy’s unique Pinpoint feature.
  • Keystroke Capture. This feature intercepts and stores your target’s keystrokes, allowing you to see everything they type.
  • Magic Alerts. Eyezy will actively scan your partner’s device and send email alerts whenever something controversial comes up.
  • Files Finder. You can take a sneak peek into your spouse’s gallery to see whether they have photos and videos of clandestine lovers stored in there.

As icing on the cake, Eyezy comes with a friendly installer that makes installing the app feel like a breeze.

2. mSpy

mSpy is a top-rated tracking app that allows users to view their loved ones’ SMS messages, emails, social media chats, and more. This incredible app contains a variety of features that can help you spy on your spouse discreetly. These include:

  • Keylogger. This feature captures and stores your partner’s keystrokes as they type on their phone’s keyboard, allowing you to view their sent messages, account login credentials, and secret codes.
  • Social Media Monitor. mSpy tracks your target user’s chat conversations on WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Tinder, Viber, and other popular instant messengers.
  • Hidden Camera/Mic. This feature allows you to remotely activate your spouse’s mic and camera, giving you access to everything that’s happening around them.
  • GPS Location Tracker. You can conveniently track their movements using mSpy’s accurate location tracker.
  • Call Log Monitor. Are you wondering who always calls them during odd hours? mSpy comes with a brilliant call log monitor that reveals their caller details, call duration, and timestamps.

Installing mSpy is quite easy and takes about 5 to 8 minutes. Simply visit mspy website,  click “Try Now” and create an account using your valid email. Next, choose your preferred plan and follow the prompt to complete payment and install mSpy.

For more detailed spying, you’ll need to root the target Android device or jailbreak your loved one’s iPhone in order to access mSpy’s full range of features.

3. uMobix

Learning how to spy on your spouse’s cell phone for free can come with a plethora of advantages. uMobix contains some decent tracking features, such as:

  • A call history tracker that helps you view your partner’s phone call records in full detail.
  • A text message monitor that reveals what type of messages they share with others.
  • A GPS location tracker that shows their real-time location on a map.
  • A streaming monitor that allows you to access your partner’s phone camera and mic.
  • A social apps navigator that provides you with a birds-eye view of your spouse’s chats on WhatsApp, Snapchat, and other networking platforms.

Unfortunately, the basic version of uMobix only offers limited features. You also require to purchase separate subscription plans for different devices.

4. Hoverwatch

If you’re looking to spy on your spouse’s cell phone, Hoverwatch can come in handy. This spy app contains some useful tracking features such as:

  • A Facebook, Viber, and WhatsApp tracking tool that gives you access to every single message that your partner sent or received on these messaging apps.
  • A call log monitor that showcases their call history, caller information, and timestamps.
  • A geolocation feature that pinpoints their whereabouts throughout the day.
  • A SIM card replacement alert feature that notifies you whenever your spouse removes their device’s SIM card.
  • A to-do list monitor that tracks your partner’s upcoming dates, plans, and calendar events.

The downside of using Hoverwatch is that it offers a very limited free trial period, and it lacks some crucial spying features.

5. Spyera

Spyera is yet another spouse spy app that contains some useful tracking features to help you discover whether your partner is cheating. These features include:

  • A keylogger that captures your spouse’s accurate keystroke history.
  • A call notification alert that informs you whenever your target user receives or makes a call.
  • An instant messenger tracker that reveals chat conversations between your partner and other people on Instagram, Kik, Hike, and similar apps.
  • A browsing activity viewer that checks all the websites your partner visits.
  • An email spy that reveals all their sent and received emails.

Sadly, Spyera is full of bugs, and it’s highly priced. It doesn’t offer a geofencing functionality and can only be installed on jailbroken iOS devices. In addition, Spyera offers a refund guarantee that only lasts ten days.

Final Thoughts

Using a tried-and-true app to monitor your spouse’s phone is a brilliant idea if you suspect that he/she is cheating. The tracking apps discussed above have a proven track record of excellence and reliability, making them the best in the market. After conducting lots of reviews, we recommend mSpy and Eyezy for all your monitoring needs.