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A matted Yorkie is a miserable Yorkie. Do you want your little friend to be in discomfort due to the mats and tangle in his coat fur? No, right? Then, make it a strict rule never to ignore the knots, mats, or dirt in your Yorkie’s hair by choosing the best brush for Yorkie.

Remember, your dog deserves to feel pretty and stay happy!

Yorkies have a lot of hair. And, all of that lustrous hair requires care and love. So, you need to figure out the best brush for Yorkie to start from and work your way towards learning how to maintain and groom your dog’s hair.

What is the Best Brush for Yorkie?

While collecting Yorkie grooming tools for your little friend, you can choose a variety of brushes. Just remember, there is no one best brush for Yorkie as it depends entirely on your dog and his hair type.

Face Comb for Yorkie

Face Combs are the best when it comes to tending to your dog’s sensitive areas, such as the face and feet. They are usually tiny and have tight teeth that work like a charm on delicate and fine hair.

Face Comb is the best brush for Yorkie regarding detail work as it can go into the dog’s undercoat. Moreover, this brush is helpful for a Yorkie comb-over, especially when making a top knot.

Pin Brush for Yorkie

Pin Brush is hands-down the best brush for Yorkie as you can use it for various reasons. 

These brushes work like magic when removing knots and mats from the coat or oiling the hair. Pin brushes have wooden pins with round tips instead of pointy wires. There is a wide gap between the pins to avoid yanking your dog’s coat.

It is an excellent Yorkie brush as it offers therapeutic massage without causing any friction against the dog’s skin. If you have a long-haired terrier, it is guaranteed that he will love the stroking of a good-quality pin brush.

If you wonder what the best dog grooming brush for Yorkies is, the answer is Pin Brush, as it’s multi-fit.

Slicker Brush for Yorkie

Slicker Brush may not be the best brush for Yorkie as it has a more rugged touch. In addition, it works best on thick or curly hair when used with extreme care. Using Slicker brushes on thin dog hair is relatively futile and dangerous.

The best slicker brush for Yorkie has long and thin wires with slightly slanted tips. They tend to go deep into the dog coat to eliminate dead skin, loose hair, dirt particles, tangles, and mats. It is pretty ideal to use this brush before giving your dog a bath for a thorough cleaning

Moreover, pay close attention to how your dog reacts to the slicker brush’s stroke. Stop at any sign of discomfort as it can be pretty harsh. If you have no idea how it works, try stroking the brush on your arm first to find the right amount of pressure. 

Mat removal brush for Yorkie

If you have a long-haired terrier, then you probably know dematting their hair is a nightmare. Mat removal brush or matting brush is one of the best brushes for Yorkie. It’s designed ergonomically to work through thick dog hair and remove knots and mats. These brushes are like a rake with wide, pointy teeth perfect for trimming and untangling the dog’s coat.

Furthermore, mat brushes are relatively more functional than some of the best brushes and combs for Yorkies as it trims the long hair without affecting other parts of the fur. So are you worried about the missing puzzle in your Yorkshire terrier grooming supplies? Then the answer is — a good quality mat removal brush.

Bristle Brush

Yorkies love when you stroke their hair. A bristle brush is one of the best grooming tools for Yorkies as it gently scratches their bodies without going in too deep. In addition, these kinds of brushes are perfect for sifting out any loose hair, dirt, or debris from your little one’s fur coat.

Bristle brushes are not great for matted Yorkie hair as they are ineffective on knots. But, it calms down your dog with its silky and smooth strokes. Moreover, it is an excellent tool to oil your Yorkie’s fur as it evenly distributes the oil from the root to the tip. Oiling with a bristle brush will make the fur coat look glossy and soft. 

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How to Make Yorkie’s Hair Fluffy

Yorkies have soft and fine hair that needs regular grooming and dematting. Usually, their hair tends to have a more flowy texture. However, with some brushing and combing with the help of a hairdryer, you can make your Yorkie’s hair fluffier. 

If you have wondered how to make my Yorkie’s hair fluffy, then here are a couple of easy steps to follow to get the desired result:

First Step:

  • First, wash your Yorkie’s fur coat thoroughly and condition it properly.
  • Then, rinse the shampoo and conditioner and dry your Yorkie with a soft towel.
  • Next, use the special Dog’s volumizing shampoo to elevate the fluff level by removing excessive oil in the fur.

Second Step:

  • Figure out the best brush for Yorkie that suits your dog, and then use it to brush the fur.
  • If there are any tangles along the way, then make sure to disentangle them. You need to ensure there are no mats at the end of this step.

Third Step:

  • Use a dog-friendly hairdryer to blow the fur while brushing it.
  • Make sure you’re brushing in the upward direction while going against the grain.
  • Don’t keep the dryer to close your little one’s skin as it can burn it as well.

Fourth Step:

These simple four steps will give your dog a fluffier and glossier look. Remember, all Yorkies are naturally beautiful, but grooming them like a baby does not hurt.

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Tips for Brushing Yorkie Hair

Yorkies have a playful spirit. Brushing their hair is no walk in the park. These tiny creatures refuse to sit idle. You will have to face their resistance, struggle, mischievous nibbles, etc. It requires patience, skills, and some of the best grooming tools for Yorkies. 

Don’t stress out too much! Here are some tips and tricks on brushing your Yorkie’s hair.

Don’t Comb Dry Fur

Usually, it is a general rule to dry most dogs’ hair before their hair. But, when it comes to Yorkies, it is advised to moisten their hair with water or leave-in conditioner. This slightly moderated way for Yorkies is because their hair is delicate and breaks easily. Hence, to loosen the knots and remove the matting, it is essential to wet Yorkies’ hair first.

Brush the Legs

It is a common mistake to forget to brush your dog’s leg after grooming its whole body. So, focus on leg fur as well as it is prone to get matted as well. Start from the paws and work your way up to the part where his legs meet his body.

Make sure that you are cautious while combing. Your dog must be sitting in one place to avoid causing any injury. Moreover, avoid squeezing the legs too tightly as it can irritate Yorkies.

Don’t Go Opposite the Grain.

It does not matter what your dog’s breed is because the only way to comb their hair is to go with the brush. This is a gentler way and avoids causing any additional tangles and matting. This trick is handy when you’re trimming the Yorkie poo hair.

Plus, this trick will also guide you in figuring out the best brush for Yorkie as not all brushes work on every Yorkie’s hair when used in the opposite direction of the grain.

Prepare Dog Treat

Yorkies are not different than toddlers. Everything will be fine as long as you are keeping them busy. Before you start the grooming session, prepare dog treats so they can pay attention to eating and stop fidgeting. This trick will also help them stay put in one place as you complete the process. And last but not least, your Yorkie will eventually get accustomed to periodic grooming sessions. 

Recommendations and Conclusions

Leave-in Coat Sprays for Yorkie

Yorkies’ have long hair, and their maintenance is essential. Long hair tends to make knots and mat quickly and produce more oil. While trimming helps solve most of these problems, it is impossible to trim regularly.

To let your Yorkies’ fur grow, use leave-in coat sprays for Yorkies. These magical potions help in ensuring that the hair doesn’t form knots. In addition, it helps in dematting and preventing future engagement. Using these sprays will save you the trouble of trimming your dog’s fur now and then.

Wait, there is more! Leave-in coat sprays helps in making the dog coat softer, fluffier, and shinier. It also safeguards the dog from harmful UV rays and the friction caused by contact. 

Mat Remover

You should never ignore a mat in your dog’s fur. It can cause irritation, which can make your dog tug his hair. The minute you notice any mat, try to work it out with your fingers. If this trick does not work, use the best dog brush for morkies to remove the mat. You can also use sprays to make the hair more slippery, which should help with the dematting process. However, if nothing works, it is time to pull out your mat remover.

Mat remover is one of the best grooming tools for Yorkies designed to remove mats from their fur. This razor blade is perfect for long-haired Yorkies as it offers accurate precision without damaging any other part of the dog coat. You should definitely keep one of these along with the best brush for Yorkies in your Yorkie grooming tools. 

A curved mat remover may be your best bet as it reduces the chances of hurting your dog. The ideal size is the most miniature version you can find with durable stainless steel. We suggest Coastal Pet Safari Dog Mat Remover as it is probably one of the best mat removers in the market. 

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Best Comb For Yorkie Hair

Brushing your Yorkie’s hair has a lot of benefits. For example, it controls mats from forming, helps distribute natural oil, makes the fur look glossier, and assists in keeping track of any abnormalities or lumps on the dog’s skin.

There is no universal answer for the best brush for Yorkies. There are different kinds of brushes with different built. You can choose the best comb or brush for Yorkie based on the length of your dog’s fur. 

Here are some of the pointers you should keep in mind while evaluating your decision:

  • Yorkies usually require different brushes to tend to various parts of their bodies, but you can use some brushes in most regions. So, choose the all-in-one design brush.
  • Choose a brush with a soft bristle side.
  • Your dog should seem to enjoy the brushing; otherwise, it isn’t for him.
  • There should be a good amount of spacing between the pins.

Wrap it Up

Yorkshire Terriers are playful creatures. Keeping them happy is important, and that is why their grooming is a must. However, there is no doubt that this task can be quite challenging, but it is definitely worth it. 

With the help of the best brush for Yorkie and the right grooming tools, your job will become easy and fun. Brush your dog’s fur every day, especially if the length of the hair is long, to keep him in the best possible shape.