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Some extra space right next to your feet is not enough. Make it comfortable for your dog by investing in a washable dog bed. Make it a personal relaxing space for both parties. 

Do Dogs Need Beds?

Dog parents, beware! This article covers one of the most important decisions after the tiring dog-food selection. Your dog’s own space, their own bed to sleep in. If your dog is habitual of taking up space on your bed, maybe it hints at something. It is high time that your dog got a bed of its own! 

You already have trained the canine out of them to not sit on the couch or the fancy vanity. Do you expect them to sleep on the cold, uncomfortable, hard floor?

Awaken the HUMAN in you and consider your canine friends Living Beings too. They need comfort and stress-free rest, which can only be ensured by investing in a proper dog bed. 

Sure, some individuals love to have their babies right by their side when they sleep. But even so, your canine friends need their own space to stretch, relax and unwind. Let them have their own personal space and dream of a day filled with walks and fetches. 

Such modern times call for a modern pet bed. Especially if you want your pet’s health to stay top-notch. Imagine being called a man’s best friend and still having to sleep on a tight and coarse rug.

Washable dog beds

Which Bed is Right for My Dog?

Slow down! Do not go buying the first piece of foam you see lying around in a pet store. Certain criteria need to be met when buying a comfortable bed for dogs. 

Even they have standards! 

You must have a clear-cut answer to the following question in your head. It will aid in mapping down the characteristics you need to have in it. 

What Age is my Dog?

You may think size is the foremost thing you need to consider. 

You are mistaken!

Age has a large part to play in the core material of the bed, that is, its foam. If you have a younger dog in its growing years, you may not have to worry about the foam quality. However, elderly dogs are more susceptible to getting into accidents. Hence, dog beds for older dogs need to be washable. That too machine wash! No one has the time to scrub out a huge chunk of the mat when your dog has an oopsie. 

Elder dogs do not sync well to doughnut beds. They need something that is easily accessible. 

Age invites health problems. Does your dog have joint or mobility issues? If so, make sure you look into supportive options. 

Dealing with Mood Swings

Every dog loves to chew on stuff. Though where does your dog lie on the chewing scale. If he is an aggressive chewer, there is no point in getting a lavish faux fur bed. When thrown around like a rag, you need to look into durable dog beds that won’t turn into mush. 

What is the best dog bed according to size?

From the tiniest chihuahua to large Danes and Retrievers, there are various sizes available out there. 

Our two cents on the matter?

You can always relate dog bed sizes to that of your dog. However, it is more heavily dependent on their sleeping style. Some love to roll up in a small bundle. Some love to stretch it out. Know your dog, before you question ‘How to pick a dog bed?’.

Photo Title Price Buy
Furhaven Replacement Dog...image Furhaven Replacement Dog Bed Cover Microvelvet Contour Luxe Lounger, Machine Washable - Clay, Small Check Price
Eterish Extra Large...image Eterish Extra Large Orthopedic Bed for Medium, Large, Extra Large Dogs up to 100 lbs, 4 inches Thick Egg-Crate Foam Bed with Removable Cover, Pet Bed Machine Washable, Grey $49.99 Check Price
K&H Pet Products...image K&H Pet Products Bolster Dog Cot Cooling Indoor/Outdoor Elevated Dog Bed Hammock with Removable Bolster, Washable Mesh Cover, Raised Camping Dog Bed for Small Dogs or Cats - Chocolate Small 17" X 22" $57.93 Check Price

Modern Pets Modern Needs

What you need is a Modern pet bed fit for the modern needs of pets of the present time. Completely machine-washable dog beds are garnering a lot of buzz these days. 

Pooches tend to have similar sleep patterns to ours. Can you sleep on dirty sheets? When your bedspread needs regular changes, why should the dog have the same to sleep in every day?

100% washable dog beds are the way to go!

Cats still clean themselves. Dogs don’t! Hence dog beddings are way more susceptible to germs and bacteria. They have been to every possible dirty place you can imagine. Especially if you invest in one with faux fur or carpeted surface, things tend to get stuck even more. 

Keep ignoring it, and you have successfully invited weird smells into your abode, a discolored, un-aesthetic piece of mat, and a dog susceptible to numerous health anomalies. 

Machine-washable dog beds are your best bet. The best washable dog bed for small dogs can be thrown into the machine at any point. However, what to do with the larger ones?

This calls for a dog bed with washable covers. Waterproof dog bed covers keep the foam safe inside. Only the cover suffers from your pooch’s torment. Such beds are made from a nylon surface which does not allow water or dirt to seep through.

An outdoor dog bed is best for playtime. You can let them play to their heart’s content and hose the bed clean when they are done and leave it to air dry. 

Photo Title Price Buy
Veehoo Cooling Elevated...image Veehoo Cooling Elevated Dog Bed, Portable Raised Pet Cot with Washable & Breathable Mesh, No-Slip Feet Durable Dog Cots Bed for Indoor & Outdoor Use, Small, CWC1803-S $27.99 Check Price
Bedsure Calming Cat...image Bedsure Calming Cat Beds for Indoor Cats - Small Cat Bed Washable 20 inches, Anti-Slip Round Fluffy Plush Faux Fur Pet Bed, Fits up to 15 lbs Pets, Camel $15.99 Check Price
PUPPBUDD Calming Dog...image PUPPBUDD Calming Dog Bed Cat Bed Donut, Faux Fur Pet Bed Self-Warming Donut Cuddler, Comfortable Round Plush Dog Beds for Small Dogs and Cats Up to 25lbs Check Price

How to Pick a Dog Bed? –  A Buying Guide 

The following properties need to be cared for when purchasing a personal sleeping space for your dog. 

Groom the Dog, Groom the Bed

Comfort must be promised from both sides. Yes, it is important to care for hygiene when purchasing beds for your pets. However, they must not be a pain to take care of. The best washable dog bed will only require machine wash. It will be a cherry on top if you can tumble dry the thing as well. Look for washable dog bed covers if you are getting dog beds for big dogs. As they are easier to handle then. 

It’s Inside That Matters

Good-quality foam is a must. One that can withhold the weight of your dog and does not depress and lose shape over time. Older dogs or those with Arthritis need to have specialized support. For them, look for memory foam. Moreover, a dog crate bed tends well to dogs with orthopedic problems.

It All Comes Down to the Base 

To tend to the dog’s weight and keep the filling intact, it is vital to have a secure base. This should be made from a durable lining material. Another factor that comes into consideration is the surface it will be placed on. Carpeted or wooden floor, make sure the bed does not skid off when your dog pounces on it. 


Keep your dog’s temperament under scrutiny. Dogs who tend to chew, bite, jump, and dig are more likely to put their beds to the test. Consider an indestructible bed design. The best surfaces that are credible for their tough skin are microsuede and polyester. 

You may think machine washable dog beds loosen up over time and tend to lose their shape. This only happens to cheap large dog beds. This happens due to the small size of the machine and lack of material quality.

Photo Title Price Buy
Coolaroo The Original...image Coolaroo The Original Cooling Elevated Pet Bed,Brunswick Green, Small $29.99 Check Price
DogBaby Dog Bed...image DogBaby Dog Bed for Small Dogs, Washable Pet Sofa Bolster Bed with Removable Cover & Orthopedic Foam, 28” Large Dog Beds for Dogs Under 30 lbs $39.98 Check Price
Furhaven Replacement Pet...image Furhaven Replacement Pet Bed Cover - Sofa-Style Sherpa and Chenille Couch Washable Dog Bed Cover, Coffee, Small Check Price

How Much Does a Dog Bed Cost?

A ready-made washable dog bed is not an expensive buy. However, its price depends on its key characteristics. These include size, shape, the material it is made from, and color. The standard price range is from $30 to $100. From this point onward, the choice of material makes the price waiver. 

Flat dog beds tend to be cheaper than doughnut-shaped, rimmed, or ones with faux fur. 

Photo Title Price Buy
Bedsure Medium Dog...image Bedsure Medium Dog Bed for Medium Dogs - Orthopedic Waterproof Dog Beds with Removable Washable Cover, Egg Crate Foam Pet Bed Mat, Suitable for Dogs Up to 35lbs, Brown $29.99 Check Price
Best Friends by...image Best Friends by Sheri Bundle Set The Original Calming Lux Donut Cuddler Cat and Dog Bed + Pet Throw Blanket Dark Chocolate Extra Large 45" $119.99 Check Price
Premium Dog Beds...image Premium Dog Beds for Large Dogs and Medium Dogs - Portable Dog Beds & Furniture - Dog Travel - Fits up to 25 lbs, (Small, Beige) $25.99 Check Price

Top Rated Washable Pet Beds

#1 Best Friends by Sheri the Original Calming Donut

If the pooch needs a cuddle and you aren’t around, this bed can be of use. The rimmed edges and soft material supporting the base aid the dog to curl up snugly into the bed. A donut bed delivers security to your dog in times of anxiety or worry. So, when not at home, your dog can have a trustworthy buddy to rely on and relax in. 

This washable dog bed is made up of cozy shag fabric that mimics a mother’s touch, inducing deeper sleep. It comes in a variety of colors and 4 size ranges. Best friends by Sheri is made in polyester, so do not worry about durability with this one. Simply throw it in the washer when dirty. 

The high-quality round shape is best for small to medium-sized dogs. The raised rim around the edges creates a sense of security. Moreover, it supports their head and neck, and the soft filling inside guarantees muscle and joint pain relief. 

The vegan faux fur is backed by deep crevices around the edges to let your pet burrow in. This washable dog bed is perfect for harsh winters when the ceramic floors are cut in deep. Many users noticed an improvement in their dog’s behavior. All thanks to the Airloft fibers that are longer than standard pet beds. 

However, it may not suit dogs who like to stretch wide and sleep like a king. 

Best Friends by Sheri the Original Calming Donut

Amazon Buy Button

#2 Bedsure Large Dog Bed for Large Dogs

The next best washable dog bed in line is by Bed Sure. This Orthopaedic Dog bed comes in a rimless design, with a removable, washable cover. A unique dog bed that comes in a compressed bag. It will take around 72 hours for it to decompress, so have patience. Once expanded, place it in the removable cover and zip it up.

What’s the hype?

It is composed of an Orthopaedic Egg crate foam. It helps even out your dog’s weight and alleviates pressure points, such as the joints and bony areas. It may look like a plain dog bed from afar. However, the two interchangeable surfaces make things exciting. There is a super soft fleece to warm up winters and an Oxford back to cool out summers. 

When it is time to wash, simply remove the zipper, throw it in your washer, and tumble dry. The Bed Sure comes in four different sizes ranging from medium to a Double XL. It measures 3 inches in height and provides optimum support and comfort to all ages. 

A plush Sherpa Sleep surface proves to be cozy even with no rims to support the surface. All the kings out there who like to stretch, this one is for you. A versatile dog bed can be placed on any elevated dog bed or pet house and made even more snuggly. 

However, the lack of a headrest is the only lack this washable dog bed has. 

Bedsure Large Dog Bed

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#3 Mix Joy Orthopaedic Dog Bed

If your elder dogs love cuddles, this ultra-soft washable dog bed might just be the donut you are looking for. The Mix Joy measures 30″x30″x6″, perfect for small to medium-sized dogs weighing 45lbs. 

The Faux Shag Fur is soft and has self-warming tendencies, making it easy for your canine friend to snuggle in. it is made from polyester and nylon, which is highly durable and suitable for machine-wash tumble dry.

A raised all-around edge provides high-end head and neck support. Your dog will feel secure and safe all year round. The best thing about this bed is that it’s lightweight and portable. You can travel anywhere, anytime with your dog, without having a fear of your dog getting stressed. 

It is so easy to take care of too. Simply put it on a gentle cycle and tumble dry on low heat. This way, you won’t lose the soft texture and credibility of its fur. The delicate edge stays firm and keeps the entire shape intact.

Don’t get fooled by the soft fur. This bed will not budge. The non-slip nylon bottom will ensure this bed stays put no matter how fast your dog charges at it.

However, this bed is not fit for larger breeds. This bed will not be able to handle the weight of the required range too. If your dog stays really dirty, the faux fur will matt over time.

Mix Joy Orthopaedic Dog Bed

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#4 Furhaven Orthopaedic Cooling Gel and Memory Foam Pet Bed. 

Next up, we have yet another washable dog bed that promises to go easy on joints. It is made up of solid orthopedic foam. The great thing about this is its dense, thick, and sturdy bodice. It fashions a contoured form factor which is best to cater to the elder ages. 

The bodice has a sloping form, which promises superior ergonomic comfort and ortho support. The open design also gives them plenty of room to spread out and relax to their fullest. 

The sleep surface is lined with soft, plush curly faux fur, which goes easy on their noses and paws. The product measures around 30”x 45”x 6”, is 2.5” in the center, and 6” around the edges. There are no rims, but the edgewise elevations prove beneficial to support the system head and neck and other aching joints. This washable dog bed can withstand breeds weighing up to 75lbs. So, breeds like Labradors, and Boxers are best fits for this. 

It is one of the best washable large dog beds with the easiest care. Simply take the cover off and throw it in for machine wash. Comfort for your dog is promised through the contoured design and ultra-plush fabric.

However, the longevity isn’t that much in contrast to some other orthopedic foams.

Furhaven Orthopedic

Amazon Buy Button

#5 Bed Sure Orthopaedic Bolster Dog Bed

If your dog loves the sofa, this washable dog bed might just be for you. It is protected from all sides with a soft, supportive rim to give the big boys a chance at cuddling. 

The washable sofa bed has an egg crate foam with a 3” high density to evenly distribute weight. The three sides are all 3.5″ tall, which adds extra support to your pet’s head and neck. As for the sleep surface, the flannel cover makes it a cozy sleep spot. 

Large dogs tend to rummage their beds, so to prevent that, they have added a non-skid bottom, bringing a sense of security to its foundations. It is very easy to care for it. It has a removable cover with zip closure. Simply take it off and throw it in the wash. 

As for the inner foam, it’s lined with a TPU cover to protect against any accidents your dog might encounter. 

This memory foam dog bed is perfect for elder dogs who have difficulty accessing elevated dog beds. However, the egg foam is too thin for heavy-bodied dogs. 

Bedsure Orthopedic Dog Bed

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Closing Remarks

Waterproof, washable dog beds are the best way to ensure comfort and relief for your dog.

‘But couches can fulfill the same purpose. Why should I invest?’

Couches aren’t supportive on all sides and will not provide comfort. On the other hand, washable dog beds do not cost an arm or leg. They will make your dog happy and well-rested. Dogs are our best friends, and we need to make sure their happiness is well taken care of. If you love and adore the bright, jumpy dog that wags its tail all day long, invest in a credible dog bed. This way, a specific space is allotted for the furry beast to sleep in. You won’t have trails of fur and rummage around your whole house, giving clues about where he last slept through the night.



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