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Yorkies have a lot of health conditions that are similar to those that humans have. That is why you should not be surprised when you learn that your dog has bladder stones. The causes of their formation may be different and can be divided into external and internal. Any owner of a Yorkie needs to know that food that includes purines can promote developing stones as they are considered to be precursors to uric acid. If you see that your pet is predisposed to having stones, you should limit the intake of meat.

That is why you need to provide your pet with healthier food that includes more vegetables. In addition, your dog needs to avoid taking dry kibble and canned food is more preferred in this situation. Also, if you support the physical state of your Yorkie with protein food, you need to immediately stop it as it speeds up the bladder stone formation.

Owners of Yorkies need to understand that dogs of this breed are predisposed to this sort of disease and dogs that suffer from liver conditions followed by increased bile acid levels are most likely to get bladder stones.

You need to pay more attention to health conditions of your Yorkie and its mood as noticing the problem on the earliest stage increases the chances of curing the disease. If you notice that your dog experiences certain discomfort when urinating, you will need to address the veterinarian as soon as possible and get the medications that will help your Yorkie relieve the associated pain.Yorkies

Follow all the instructions provided and you will see how your dog’s health will be improving with every day. Before buying one of the medications, you need to get a consultation from a professional. Azodyl is a perfect medication to start the treatments as it controls and normalizes the urea cycle.

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