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Coping with Chewing Issues of Your Yorkie

    Behavior and Training    May 15, 2015

Chewing Yorkie

Another problem, an owner of a Yorkshire terrier can face, is chewing. This is an instinctual activity of the dog that is present since being a puppy. Chewing is closely associated with excess energy of your pet and owners of Yorkie should not consider it to be abnormal. But, the needed measures should be taken from a young age to prevent the pet from chewing everything in sight. If an owner leaves the problem without attention, this habit may turn onto a real behavioral problem that may be revealed in unnecessary damage.

There are a lot of causes of chewing and any owner should admit that it may happen any time. That is why the main goal here is to minimize chewing and to reduce the damage caused by it. Breeders consider that Yorkies may be more predisposed to chewing than any other dogs are and it could be related to their psychological characteristics. When a puppy, your dog may suffer from teething and it is the main reason why your pet may start chewing everything. But usually owners understand that problem and, by giving the dog old shoes or toys to chew, they are telling that chewing those items is ok. That is why you should not get surprised when you see your dog entering your closet to chew your shoes when they become adult.Chewing Yorkie

That is why you need to let your Yorkie know which of the things are not supposed to be chewed. Yelling at your pet will not bring you the needed results and training here can be the most effective way to explain that chewing is not good. If you see that your dog wants to chew, you will need to find any substitute to hand. By the way, to choose the proper thing to chew, you may take your dog to any of the pet stores in your area and your dog will be able to choose a chew toy.

Photo by Zoizit [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons


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