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If you are a pet parent, you can easily relate to my urge to show their photos around the second I get a chance. We are worse than the new parents because we cannot really have enough of them.

And just like that, I am also sure that all the cloud spaces that you buy are to store the images of your pet. But why let these photos take up space on our phones when we can consider doing something more special?

So, to make these memories special, I decided to turn them into Custom Pet Portraits. PortraitFlip is a company that creates Paintings of Pet from Photos, and I decided to move ahead with them.

I have heard a lot about their work and thought that it would be a great idea to give this a shot. Here is my experience with PortraitFlip. Stay tuned because there is a big reveal of the painting at the end!

PortraitFlip: What To Expect

portrait flip

The process of getting a painting from PortraitFlip is very easy, especially because they have made it very clear on each step. Once you’ve clicked on Pet Portrait, you have to select your choice of medium from Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor, Pastel, Charcoal, Pencil or Colored Pencil.

Next up, choose the ideal size according to the number of pets you want to add. At this stage, you have to upload the photos and place the order by paying a 30% deposit.

You get to select the finishing options (rolled, gallery wrapped or framed) from your account dashboard and can also upgrade to a faster service. The best part about the entire thing is PortraitFlip’s neat policy: Pay only 30% upfront.

The rest is to be paid only after you receive the preview of the final painting and approve it.

My Experience

dog photos

I have always wanted to preserve a photo of both my lovelies together. But despite their undying love for each other, they could never pose for a picture together.

So, I reached out to PortraitFlip with these two images. Now, I knew that they were famous for their Compilation Customization, where you could send them different photos, and they would paint them into one.

As you can see, both the photos were absolutely in weird angles. But at least my dogs are groomed.

We went for a bigger canvas size of 20×30 Oil Paint option and really wanted to work this out. And for the record, I specifically mentioned including the background because I have a distinct memory of them sitting on the couch – all the time!

dog photos

I received a Photoshop design within 24 hours, and I couldn’t be happier with it. It took some 10-12 days for them to complete the painting, and this was the painting preview that I received.

dog painting

I paid the final payment and approved it for shipping. I placed the order on the 09th of October, and the painting had already arrived at my doorstep by the 20th of October.

Their super speedy delivery, even with Free Shipping, was commendable. I had ordered a frame so that the painting arrived safely packed in a cardboard box

The painting was even better in person, and you can see the entire reaction here.

PortraitFlip: Final Comments

cons and pros

It is time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. Overall, the service was pretty great. During the portrait ordering process till receiving the painting, everything was hassle-free and smooth.

But there is always the good and the bad!

PortraitFlip Pros

  1. The Portrait is beautiful. In fact, I don’t think there is anybody in the industry who can provide such a quality of Hand-painted Pet Portrait.
  2. Their 30% deposit policy makes you feel secure because then, there isn’t a bigger amount at risk.
  3. Their Compilation Portrait service is of great help
  4. The packaging is on point and secures the painting from getting damaged.
  5. The ordering process is simple, and they keep you updated on your registered email at every step.
  6. It is one of the most economical in the industry, and its 100% money-back guarantee creates a sense of trust with customers.

PortraitFlip Cons

  1. Some larger sizes and medium are certainly not cheap. But it is worth the quality that they provide.
  2. Shipping can take a little while on certain mediums like Charcoal and Pencil, but that’s okay as long as you are getting something beautiful.
  3. Framing is not available in Charcoal and Pencil portraits because it is painted on paper and may tear in transit for being stretched. But they do leave enough margin for you to frame it locally.

Honestly, there aren’t a lot of downsides to PortraitFlip. It is difficult to come up with one. None of the listed above will stop be from ordering from them in future because these are minor inconveniences.

The bottom line remains – Custom Pet Portrait is totally worth it! It is a wonderful way to preserve the memories of our beloved pets, even if they are not around.

Now, all that is left for me is to decide where to hang it!