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How to Determine if Yorkshire Terrier is Pregnant

    Preventive Care    September 23, 2014

Newborn Yorkshire Terrier

If you don’t want to breed a female Yorkshire terrier, then it is best to spay her. But if you are going to breed the dog then you should keep in mind that the Yorkie can get pregnant the first time she mates with a stud. There are indicators to check whether your Yorkshire terrier is pregnant.
For example:



  • When a Yorkshire terrier is pregnant, she often sleeps more than the usual number of hours. She often stays in a corner where it is cozy and out of the way. She will not be as playful as before and just want to snuggle with you. Appetite will also be lost and will be grooming herself more often than she normally would.
  • A pregnant Yorkshire terrier will also suffer from morning sickness but it will just be for the first couple of weeks of the pregnancy. She will also discharge water-like liquid that is not urine. If her vulva is swollen then it is a sure indicator that the Yorkie is pregnant.
  • The size of the Yorkie’s stomach will increase and be firmer when pregnant. The nipples will also become more prominent than before. Once you see these signs, you must take her for a checkup with the veterinarian. The dog requires regular veterinary care and must be examined to ensure healthy babies.

If it is the first time to deliver puppies, it is best to take the Yorkshire terrier to an animal hospital so that professionals can supervise the process. The owner is allowed to remain in the room in order to keep the dog relaxed.Newborn Yorkshire Terrier


If the puppies are delivered at home, then there’s a need for a whelping box as well as newspapers in order to absorb the mess. There must also be soft blankets to create a comfortable nest for both the mother and puppies.


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