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There are a lot of articles written on the diet of Yorkies but there no articles concerning food your Yorkie should not eat. The thing is that Yorkies suffer from a lot of health conditions due to a poor diet and as a result they may have liver conditions, kidney damage and diabetes. But if you learn the food your Yorkie should not eat in any case, then you will have a chance to save the life of your pet. Most of the health conditions in your Yorkie may easily be prevented.

So, first of all, your Yorkie should not eat any sort of poisonous plans. Most of our pets live indoors and spend some time in the garden. You need to know which of the plans may be toxic for your Yorkie and to make sure that all the needed measures are taken to exclude any type of poisoning. Another thing you need to exclude from your Yorkie’s diet is chocolate as it is one of the most popular treats that can influence the health condition of your dog.Yorkie Feed

A lot of dogs can suffer from serious health diseases as some of the ingredients in chocolate are considered to be really toxic for any dog. The digestive system of your pet will not be able to cope with the ingredients and the consequences may be rather negative. If you think that you feed the dog in the right way, you need to check if there are onions present in the food.

It is hardly to realize that these plants may cause so much harm to your pet. The health condition your Yorkie may experience when eating onions is called haemolytic anaemia. As a result, the life quality of your dog may be ruined due to liver damage that can be caused. Any owner of Yorkie need to exclude mushrooms from the diet as the toxins that are contained in them may cause a lot of kidney problems.

Photo by Provo, UT, USA [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons




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