I must admit it, Bonbon is not the best eater. He can be very picky at times. Over the years I have had a difficult time finding a portion of food he likes.
I have tried everything….. dry food, raw food, wet food, pretty much everything on the market, and also home-cooked food.

After many trials and many years, I can say that Bonbon’s favorite food is home-cooked food.
He really likes it and I am happy knowing that he is eating good quality food that I could also eat (no chemicals, preservatives, flavor enhancers, etc).
The only problem is that I was going crazy cooking it. I usually feed him at night so preparing his food after a full day of work and a 2-hour commute was really hard some days when I just wanted to get home, take a shower and go to bed.

Recently I tried some samples of food from Spot & Tango and must say that Bonbon really liked it.
He tried the:

They arrived well packed in vacuum-sealed pouches inside an insulated dry ice chilled box.

Best of all, I know he is eating great food and I don’t need to cook his food every day. For the days I am tired after work, which is almost every day, I feed him the food a get shipped every week.

They offer a risk-free, money-back trial so you can give it a try. In their website’s FAQ section you can see:

Try it for Free

From Spot & Tango website… They have 3 choices:
-Turkey & Red Quinoa
-Lamb & Brown Rice
-Beef & Millet


They also have UnKibble

It’s not kibble — it’s the only Fresh Dry™ food for dogs.

From Spot & Tango website UnKibble food

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