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Thinking of casinos probably doesn’t remind you of the dogs. But get ready to experience a revolution. As more people want to keep their dogs close, casinos are increasingly adaptive to the trend and welcome dogs and pets with open arms.  

You don’t have to find some Canadian mobile casinos with the best ratings to play at home while accompanying your furry friend. Get out and explore the casino world with your dog in tow. 

Although it is trending to bring pets along with you to casinos, not all setups allow you this luxury. But fret not; with this escalating trend, it’s only a matter of time before the majority of casinos will become pet-friendly. This article will discuss the growing trend of pet-friendly casino establishments.


Some breeds are highly casino friendly and bring positive energy with them where ever they go. The calm dog breed that brings positivity to your casino experience are:

Biewer Terrier: this mellow plush is easily portable and melts your heart with its energy and love. 

Pug: entertain you with their easygoing and happy virus personality

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: Their irresistibly cute face and demeanor with big dreamy eyes hook everyone in a single glance

Welsh Corgi: A specialty of corgis besides their calm personality is their love for humans. They will love to spend time with you whenever you want.

Great Pyrenees: Although crazy big, these dogs are as gentle as it gets. Their thick fur is better than a teddy bear. Hug them all you want to relieve the stress. 

Apart from these breeds, several other breeds are non-allergic, well-behaved and human-friendly, making them best for casino settings. 

Casino Canines

Casino canines, commonly called therapy dogs or emotional support dogs, are trained and well-adapted to assist you in an emotional crisis or stress. 

Casinos can be stressful when you are tight on luck and constantly losing your money. This is where the casino canines play their role. Dogs are natural mood boosters and can feel when you are feeling under the weather. Dog owners can relate to this statement well enough. 

Service dogs in casinos are already calm and loving, with the training of emotional support as cheery on top. Their presence can provide casino visitors with instant comfort, stress relief and an emotional boost. 

Many casinos allow trained therapy dogs. One most prominent example is the state of Nevada, where almost all casino establishments the service dogs. 

Casino Canine Capers

In a few well-established brick-and-mortar casinos, the services of canine capers are also desirable to those who love pets, especially dogs. Casinos hold dog shows, and dogs participate in casino activities to attract the attention of many people. They not only provide entertainment but also act as stress relievers during highly complicated game rounds. 

Apart from that, several slots are themed around and about the dogs. If you are a dog owner, other slot machines will pale in front of dog-themed slot machines. Also, a few poker tournaments have dog-related motifs to enhance the ambiance. 

Is that it?

Of course not; once you step into the dog-friendly casinos, there will be hundreds of gaming features specifically cultivated based on dogs. Such themes play a vital role in hooking up dog lovers to make them permanent members of the establishment. 

Casino Events of Dog Adaption and Charity

Casinos play a significant role in managing programs and events for the adaption and charity of abandoned and underprivileged dogs. Casinos often collaborate with animal rescue centers and fundraising companies to host events on their premises where the dogs get new owners and loving homes.

Many casinos are also sponsoring animal welfare organizations and shelters to aid those firms in working more effectively. The funds provided can be used for shelter maintenance, medical care, rescue resources and other expenses common to welfare foundations. 

Casino Facilities and Resorts

It is not surprising to see how the casino world has grown so much, especially in the acceptance of dogs. The number of dog-friendly casino resorts and setups is increasing day by day. 

Such facilities range massively from pet-friendly rooms to designated dog areas and services. Here is a list of some dog-friendly facilities and casino resorts:

  • The Showboat Hotel, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA
  • Casino Niagara & Fallsview Casino Resort, Ontario, Canada
  • The Venetian & The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas, Nevada-USA
  • Harrah’s Lake Tahoe, Nevada, USA
  • Peppermill Resort Spa Casino, Reno, Nevada-USA

When it comes to dog-friendly casino services, the state of Nevada is indispensable. Nearly all resorts, hotels and casinos welcome pets warm-heartedly and even provide luxurious services for them.

Wrap Up

That’s a wrap! What are your thoughts? Are you going to spend your whole day cooped on a sofa with your little fluffy friend while playing the highest payout online casino games, or do you want to enjoy the thrill of casino tables, roulette and slot games? The decision is up to you!




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