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One of the challenges that new Yorkshire terrier owners face is housebreaking the puppy. A Yorkie can be hard to train. The smaller the puppy, the smaller its bladder is. That means the owner must be vigilant when potty training the puppy. You must be able to have patience and consistency when training the dog. You must also provide a reward whenever the puppy does something right.

The first thing you need to do is to place the Yorkshire terrier puppy in a crate whenever you are out of the house or unable to supervise him. The crate must be around four inches longer than the puppy. The crate must have a small foam bed or blankets to make it comfortable for the dog. The puppy will see the crate as a den and will not want to dirty the area.

Yorkie HousebreakingBe sure to watch the puppy and determine the signs that the dog wants to go to the bathroom. The signs can differ from one dog to another. Some of the typical indicators include sniffing the floor, walking backwards, circling, or whimpering.

Take the Yorkshire terrier out on a leash as soon as you see the signs. The dog should also be taken out every 30 to 45 minutes and after drinking, sleeping, playing or eating. There should be a spot outside that has been designated as a place where the Yorkie will be relieving oneself. The dog must be kept on the leash in the area until he has completed his deed.

There must be consistency so that the puppy will associate the area with going to the bathroom. This will make the dog go whenever it is brought to the area.

You should also command the Yorkshire terrier to relieve while at the spot. There should be a word that you tell the dog to make him go. And whenever the dog does his thing at the spot, reward him with a treat or through words.

Photo by Eric Chan