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I love dogs, actually I love all animals, I am actually Vegan, but well that is not the point of this article. I imagine you also love dogs. They are forgiving loyal and loving beings that deserve the best.

If you are reading these words I imagine you are considering getting a dog, either a Yorkie or not, you should be aware of where you get your new “family member”.

I always say that adoption and rescue of dogs should be the first option but if you are decided not to go that route and buying from a Yorkie breeder is what you want to do, then you need to know how to determine if the breeder is responsible or not.

Bonbon with his 2 brothers and his sister

Why you should buy from a Responsible Yorkie Breeder

Responsible Yorkie breeders provide the best possible conditions and treatment for the breeding parents and their offspring and they are proud of it. They would be welcoming and happy to show you where the Yorkies are housed and raised. It would be ideal if you can take the time to visit them personally. If you can’t go in person, you can request photos and references. Also if you have a friend or family member in the area, you can ask them to visit them on your behalf. Never trust a breeder that would not let you inspect in person their location and breeding grounds.

AKC paperwork by any means indicate how good or responsible a breeder is. They just provide information about the puppy’s parents, that’s it.

It also works the other way around

Responsible breeders are quite concerned for the well being of their dogs. They are in the business of selling dogs and do want the money but they wouldn’t sell their puppies to anyone. They usually want to know you personally, your background, where you will house the dog, ask you about your intentions with the dog, get to know your family members including kids, ask for references, etc. Basically they want to vet you as a “good” new Yorkie owner. They avoid selling to pet stores and selling over the internet.

What to look for:

  • Clean, spacious, bright and comfortable temperature areas where the dogs can move freely. Yorkies being a small breed usually would be indoors and don’t need much space but make sure they are not kept in crates or cages. When you visit make sure parents and puppies are lively and curious towards you. In other words, the don’t shy away or show fear towards you.
  • The are transparent and open. They want you to visit them with all your family members. They provide references from other clients and even local veterinarians that take care of the puppies and their parents.
  • They run out of puppies and there is always a waiting list for the next litter. This means that they are not exploiting the parents and taking their time to provide the best attention to each of the litters.
  • They specialize in only one or two breeds.
  • They are involved or related with local or national Yorkshire Terrier breed clubs. They attend conferences, meetings and even dog obedience, performance or breed competitions.
Maya with her litter. Bonbon Included!

Final Words

I would always suggest that you rescue or adopt a dog. It will change the dogs life and yours too, believe me!

If you are decided to rather buy your Yorkie from a breeder, please take your time to make sure you vet him (and he vets you) first. Make sure he is in the business of long term, responsible and humane Yorkie breeding and not for a “quick buck”.

Also you will have the extra satisfaction of not supporting the horrible ‘puppy mills” industry.



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