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Thanks for sharing yous story Mallory!

“never thought I was a little dog person. That was until I met my sweet boy Ozzie at 5 years old. Ozzie has been from home to home and a old roommate of mine from a whole other state called me to ask me if I would give him his forever home. We had 5 wonderful years with Ozzy and unfortunately lost him in April to mouth cancer. My beautiful Frankie came up via a Yorkie group I am a part of. Honestly at that point I didn’t know if I was ready. I remember taking the 6 hr drive to pick him up… I felt like a young mom Aaron going from excited to shear panic. I remember first laying eyes on him at 10 weeks, and balling although I was happy to have him, I was sad it was not Ozzy coming home. Over a month or so I just absolutely had my heart stolen by this little Frankenstein ( it’s his nickname when he’s being devilish) and I couldn’t imagine life without him. We can never replace Ozzy, And I miss him every day … Frankie has brought a ton of joy to our home … I guess the point of my story is if your struggling with a loss give yourself the time that right I for you, only you will know when it’s time..”

— Mallory