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A Yorkshire terrier is a small but energetic dog. Their diet is similar to other small breeds but owners should consider the weight and size determining how often and the amount of food to feed the dog. Puppies are fed as often as four times a day in order to keep up with the calories that they burn. As they grow older, the number of times you feed them is decreased.

When it comes to the quality of food, Yorkies are not picky. Owners can choose to feed them high quality dog food that is sold online, veterinary clinics, or pet stores. The ingredients of dog food must be approved by the USDA. You can determine this by checking the bag.

Yorkie food tipsJust like any other dog, Yorkies might not want a change in their diet. When changing the brand of wet or dry food, you should mix the new brand with the old dog food brand for a couple of days. Then slowly remove the old brand from the diet. This time period allows the Yorkshire terrier to get used to the switch.

Yorkies need dry food in small pieces due to their size. If you serve them with wet food, make sure that there are no big chunks that can choke the dog. The breed is known to have high energy and burn a lot of calories during daytime. That’s why it should be fed twice during the day.

Owners have the tendency to overfeed their Yorkies with treats. When given a treat, the Yorkie’s meal must be reduced in serving. Overfeeding a dog is dangerous for their health and can lead to diabetes and obesity.

Make sure that the Yorkie is given water all day. It must be clean and fresh. The water bowl must be cleaned at least once daily and filled with fresh water.


Cake! by margaretsdad, on Flickr
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