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Owners of Yorkies should not treat training as the most difficult time in the life as it can easily turn into a pleasant and positive experience. If you follow certain rules and habits, you will see that training may be more than just rewarding. The first thing to consider is that your dog should have the right age for training and if you decide to buy a puppy, your puppy should at least be 7-8 weeks old.

At this age, you may start some basic training and the results will be seen within the shortest time possible. Besides, breeders of Yorkies consider that training toy breeds is more difficult than training puppies of a larger breed. It is because of their small size and it is rather hard to make the puppy concentrate the attention. At the same time, this toy breed is considered to be rather intelligent and puppies can easily understand what is good and what is bad.

Owners of Yorkies should begin to train their dogs as soon as they bring their puppies home.

One of the most important things to consider when training a dog is to make the process full of positive feelings and emotions. The foundation of any training is obedience and trust which can be achieved with the help of positive physical contact. The second thing a Yorkie owner needs to pay attention to is that training should become a routine for you and your of yorkie

You should start with small and easy exercises and then to gradually increase the sessions. With time, your pet will be able to focus and concentrate for a longer time period. Besides, you need to exclude any distraction when training as Yorkies are rather energetic and it is really hard to make them interested in one thing. Basic commands are what you need to start with and it is better to continue training in more distraction rich environment.

Photo by Pets Adviser [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons