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Today’s dog food market is packed with thousands of companies, all saying that their products are the best. If you speak to other dog owners, you’ll find that everyone has their own opinion, and so it can be incredibly daunting to find the right dog food for your beloved pet.

For owners of Yorkshire Terriers, choosing the right dog food is particularly vital, as the breed can be vulnerable to gastric issues and other health problems associated with diet, such as hemorrhagic gastroenteritis, allergies and obesity.

A natural and balanced diet is important to keep your Yorkie healthy and reduce their chances of developing any of these issues during their lifetime. Many dog owners have started to realize that dried dog food, while convenient, isn’t particularly good for their pets and are exploring alternatives, such as raw dog food.

Raw dog food aims to help dogs get back to their primal instincts and enjoy natural, flavorful meals. While it isn’t for every dog owner, if you’re thinking of moving your Yorkshire Terrier to a raw food diet, then you need to make sure you do it right.

Choose The Right Raw Dog Food

The first key step is to find the perfect raw dog food for your pet. While some people make their raw dog food, this can be difficult, as you have to get the balance of minerals and nutrients right.

For most dog owners, using pre-made raw dog food is ideal. Companies like Southend Dog Training offer complete raw dog food in a variety of flavours for puppies and adults. Explore their range at These meals are easy to store in your freezer, and you can thaw them out overnight when you’re ready to feed them to your Yorkie.

Start With Small Amounts

Unlike with dried dog food, raw food should be changed over immediately, so you should switch them entirely to raw meals from the beginning. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t take things slowly.

To begin, you should phase out the kibble and allow your dog to skip their evening meal the night before they move on to raw dog food. In the morning, immediately give them their raw meal, but give them a small portion to check that they are happy and don’t have an adverse reaction. If your dog enjoys their meal, you can feed them more later in the day.

Look Out For Health Changes

Most dogs love raw dog food, and it can be beneficial to their health. In some rare cases, your dog might experience a reaction, possibly to one of the ingredients, or because their digestive system is very sensitive to changes in their diet.

Whatever the reason, if you notice vomiting or diarrhea, or your dog goes off their food, then you should take them to the vet as soon as possible. Your vet can check whether the issue is due to their new diet or not and help your dog get back to full health.

Bottom Line

When it comes to moving your Yorkie onto a new diet, whether it’s a raw one or not, the key is to keep an eye on your dog to make sure that they are healthy and enjoying their new food. Changing your dog’s diet is a big step, so make sure you’re vigilant.

That means watching your dog carefully for signs of illness or distress. If you follow these tips, then your dog should enjoy their new food and come to love their raw diet. Raw dog food offers many benefits to dogs of all breeds, particularly Yorkies, so it’s worth trying it out to keep your pup in peak condition and give them a delicious diet they’ll love.