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Puppies of a Yorkshire terrier need a little extra care when it comes to nutrition and diet. This is common with small breeds. A Yorkie puppy needs to have premium dog food during their developing stage and must be fed several times a day to avoid hypoglycemia. A consistent feeding routine and bite-sized dog food will ensure that the puppy will become a good companion growing up.

In order to feed your Yorkshire Terrier puppy, you’ll need premium puppy food, a dog bowl, puppy snacks and Karo syrup. You can also use homemade puppy food.

You should feed the puppy food that the breeder has suggested or you can give the puppy premium dog food that has been made for small puppy breeds.

If you need to change the food of the puppy, you should gradually mix the new food into the old one for a week.

You can also consider cooking dog food for your puppy. Homemade food has some health benefits since there are no unknown ingredients as well as preservatives. Premium dog food is also a good choice because they are made for puppies in mind.

Puppies must be fed three to four times a day, especially when they are young. Feeding them often will help avoid hypoglycemia. As they grow old, the feedings can be reduced to two to three times daily.Yorkie Puppy

You should also observe the puppy for indicators of hypoglycemia, especially if they are 12 weeks old and below. Some signs of the condition include wobbly gait, shivering, and lower energy level. You should put some Karo syrup or Nutri-cal on the puppy’s gums and call the veterinarian right away.

There should be a routine when feeding a Yorkie puppy. Dogs need consistency and you should feed the puppy around the same time and same place each day. The puppy can be given healthy snacks in between meals. If the puppy is too finicky, add a little bit of warm water to the dog food.

Photo by Eric Chan [CC-BY-2.0], undefined



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