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Adopting a pet is like bringing a newborn baby home. It is an entire lifestyle that provides us with the unconditional love and connection of a perfect companion in exchange for a little care and presence.

That is why pet adoption is a step that should only be taken after very serious consideration as it requires a lot of effort, concern, and temperament to provide essential care.

So, the first thing you need to ask yourself before bringing a furry friend back home is whether you be able to provide the right care to them or in a week send them packing back to adoption.

Change A Life through Pet Adoption

Instead of buying a pet from pet stores, adopting a vulnerable friend from the pound, shelter, or over the internet is a great way to get your first pet. Not only is it easy on the pocket but also makes you change the life of a loved and care-deprived animal.

According to a recent report by the ASPCA, “There’s no shortage of homeless animals, and the world can always use kind souls like you to take in cats, dogs, bunnies, and other adoptable animals.” Sadly, the rising commercialization of the pet industry has made most of us distant from the ideal purpose of keeping a pet at home: to find comfort in a loyal friend’s unending love, protection, and companionship.

And it goes both ways.

Adopting a pet can completely change your life around. It can not only fix the emotional baggage you have been carrying around for ages but also open you up to a world of possibilities. Their gentle caress, poke, and bite can brighten the mood and enrich the soul like no other. Your new best friend will simply fill your life with the positivity, energy, and affection you have been looking for.

Adoption Made Easy: Finding Love with a Swipe

However, with the changes in digital technology, a lot has changed in the world of pet adoption. It is no longer the tedious process it used to be. Today, you don’t need to visit the pound to find the perfect companion as a simple internet search is sufficient to connect to a legion of forums and websites to explore and find the right one.

The digital revolution is not only making it easy for you to find the next Courage, Spike, Bolt, or Scooby but at the same time it is providing a wide variety of services that are making pet care easy, accessible, and manageable.

For instance, there are a multitude of websites and applications today that provide dedicated pet care services, allowing you to travel the world at your convenience.

So, without further wait. Here are the most popular applications, websites, and forums shaping the future of pet care and adoption industries:


If you are looking for an all-inclusive pet adoption solution then Petfinder is your go-to app. A fan favorite of many pet enthusiasts, it allows you to easily customize its search options to find the companion of your choice. Its only drawback is that you have to visit the source to complete the adoption process.


An organization that is well-known for its emotionally-intense commercials, the ASPCA is a supportive community that focuses on issues related to animal welfare. With great visibility for shelters and rescue groups, its online portal provides you with easy access to multiple shelter homes across New York and Los Angeles.

Rescue Me

So, applications like Petfinder offer a great variety of pets to choose from, Rescue Me takes it one step further by providing great resources for even wildlife rehabilitation.


Telemedicine is not only the future of human checkups but the go-to application for quick veterinary advice and services. A paid subscription to Airvet provides you 24/7 access to dedicated veterinary services, where the veterinarian can provide in-depth analysis and opinion via virtual examination.

Pet Monitor VIGI

There are a great many pet monitoring and automation systems available on the market but none match the seamless automation and interactive capabilities of Pet Monitor VGI. With its two-way audio and video interact with your fur baby on the go.

Some Considerations Before Bringing Your New Buddy Home

Help or no help. Taking care of another being is a full-time job. You have to set up the perfect environment for their complete safety and well-being. You have to feed them the right food. In the case of dogs, take them out twice a day, and similarly, have the right type of equipment and shelter around for a fish, snake, or tortoise.

Moreover, to make the best out of these applications and services it is essential that you have a dedicated internet connection. For all your pet care needs, Xfinity provides one of the fastest and most reliable internet across the US. To facilitate your detailed queries, their customer service team is available 24/7 at the Xfinity phone number.

Wrapping Up

Exploring the positive influence of digital platforms can not only help you in finding the perfect companion and pet care provider from the comfort of your home but their diverse resources and blogs can also make you a more responsible and knowledgeable pet parent.