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Veterinary expenses can be too much at times but ventures like Pet Assure always come of assistance at the vet. Pet Assure is a Veterinary Discount Plan, created to aid you in acquiring quality affordable veterinary care. By showing your membership card at checkout, you can access a 25% discount instead of getting reimbursement for covered vet costs.

Pet Assure saves you from the hassle of waiting periods, form filling, annual limits, or exclusions since it isn’t a pet insurance company. Neither do you have to meet any deductibles nor would your claim be denied for any reason. Your pet’s age, type, breed, pre-existing condition like allergies: none of this matters because this discount plan covers everything. Pre-existing conditions guarantee a discount for treatments and procedures as well.

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Moreover, Pet Assure can be used an unlimited amount of times and immediately too. Furthermore, if multiple pets are enrolled, you get to save 40%. If you pay for the year in advance, 25% or more can be saved. 

If you aren’t satisfied with the service within the first month and a half, you have the chance to avail a full refund too!

All that Pet Assure Covers

Wellness visits, sick visits, dental cleanings, physical exams, X-rays, spays and neuters, vaccines and so much more are included under the Pet Assure plan. However, anything that is non-medical such as medications, prescription food, grooming, and outsourced services aren’t included.

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The Pet Assure Veterinary Network

A network of participating veterinarians is employed by Pet Assure in 50 states, Puerto Rico and Canada.

Only a participating vet of this network is eligible to provide you with a discount. If any vet isn’t a part of the Pet Assure Veterinary Network then the full cost of services is to be paid by the customer.

More Benefits

Lost Pet Recovery Service

Lost Pet Recovery Service by ThePetTag by Pet Assure is another, the free benefit you get when you sign up. Once your pets are enrolled in Pet Assure, you have the satisfaction of not worrying about where they have gone.

There will be a pet tag provided to you that can be attached to your pet’s collar. Since pets go missing or get stolen nowadays too, the finder of your pet can simply scan the tag and get your updated contact information.


How to get started with the Pet Assure Savings Program

To kick start your journey with Pet Assure, you need to initially enroll your pet online through your employer. It is currently only available through employers and is offered as an employee benefit to over 6,000 companies in the US. The website provides you with an engine to search for your employer.

Once you’re enrolled, you will be presented with multiple options of plans such as ‘Single Cat’, ‘Singe Dog’, Unlimited” plan (for vet discounts on all household pets), or “Family” plan (for 2-4 animals). Then you get to choose between annual payments at a reduced rate or monthly payments.

You will then be issued with an ID card which can be digitally availed. The same digital or physical ID card can be shown to any local network vet at checkout for your 25 % discount.

There is also a Pet Assure app that can display your digital ID card once downloaded.

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Finding Pet Assure Vets

Pet Assure vets can be found through the Pet Assure website and also the application. This app is a medium for looking for potential network vets in any area that you are.

Are they Available Everywhere?

No, not every veterinarian is employed under Pet Assure. The ones within the network that can be availed at a discount can be found in all 50 US states and in Puerto Rico and Canada as well.

Pet Assure’s Cost

The pricing provided by Pet Assure is on a simple basis of location and amount of pets that need to be enrolled. Entering your ZIP code can show you the specific pricing information of your area.

Divided into the four categories of plans, the pricing ranges from exactly $6.58 per month to $21.95 per month. The Single Cat plan is the cheapest priced at $9.95 per month and the Unlimited plan requires the most money since it is $21.95 per month.

A lot of monthly costs can be saved if you opt for the annual plan instead of the monthly one. For example, instead of paying $21.95 for the Unlimited plan every month, you have the choice of paying $199 as a lump payment once a year. The latter would only amount to $16.58 per month if the annual option is chosen, making you save roughly $73 or more.

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Pet Assure and Pet Insurance: What’s the Difference?

There are various differences between the Pet Assure discount plan and a Pet Insurance plan.

The most prominent difference is the amount of money that can be saved. With pet insurance, often 90% of the cost is covered but with Pet Assure, you can only avail of a 25% discount for all vet services.

Secondly, as soon as you sign up online and avail your ID card, you are set to use Pet Assure, even on the same day. There is no lack of a waiting period with pet insurance where customers can be expected to wait from 7 to 30 days for their plan to start and even longer in certain conditions such as orthopedic.

Traditional pet insurance doesn’t make room for pre-existing conditions such as diabetes or arthritis that pets may have. Pet Assure, on the other hand, discounts can be applied to any treatment of injury or illness, disregarding when it began. This makes it a great option for pet parents to treat their pets with pre-existing conditions who have been previously refused care by pet insurance.

More Benefits to Pet Assure: A Lack of Deductibles, Claims, or Exclusions

There is no annual limit or deductibles in Pet Assure’s discount plan and you can avail of as many services you want for the enrolled pets under the discount. It doesn’t matter how many times you visit the vet; you never lose your discount. This benefit can’t be availed in a pet insurance plan which limits the value of benefits one can receive each year. And if the limit is extended, extra charges are added as well.

There are no insurance claims required in Pet Assure. There is no extra hassle of filling out lengthy paperwork or waiting upon reimbursement bills. There is an immediate application of the discount once your vet appointment is done and you will never be denied coverage for any treatment.

Moreover, there are only a few exclusions for what services are offered and none for any veterinary services under Pet Assure. There are no restrictions on the age and breed of pets and you avail of the discount for pre-existing conditions of pets too.

sick dog

Comparison of Example Cost and Value between Pet Assure and Pet Insurance

Pet Assure and pet insurance apply differently to everyone ranging from the needs of your pets and circumstances.

For example, in a pet insurance plan, you will be reimbursed with 90% of the cost once your deductible is met:

  • If your pet needs treatment and you have a 90% reimbursement with a $100 annual deductible, then a usual $600 bill at the vet would cost you roughly $150
  • If your pet needs immediate care at an unusual time, you won’t need to worry if Pet Assure-approved emergency hospital is in your area, there is no network to fret about and the unexpected cost that follows of the treatment will come under 90% reimbursement too

Here’s Why We like Pet Assure

Pet Assure can be found to have many advantages that are otherwise absent in terms of pet insurance plans.

One of the most significant of these benefits is discounts on treatments and procedures for pets with pre-existing conditions. Most vets and pet insurance plans charge extra in such cases but that isn’t the same with Pet Assure.

There is also no extra burden of claim processes or waiting periods nor do you have to worry about meeting your deductible.

Pet Assure Advantages

  • No claims, deductibles, or waiting periods
  • No exclusions on in-house medical services
  • 25% discount
  • Caters to all kinds of pets
  • Pre-existing conditions included in the coverage
  • Guarantees a 45-day refund if dissatisfaction with services
  • Annual payment discounts and multi-pet discounts are available

Concerns Regarding Pet Assure

However, there are also some concerns surrounding Pet Assure that one should be aware of.

If you can’t find any vet within the Pet Assure network, then you can’t avail of their discount services. The network size may also seem limited since there are only 5,600 vet offices that have Pet Assure incorporated among their vets.

In terms of the cost, the discount is not of such a large amount and when compared to a large medical bill, there is barely any cost deduction. Whereas in pet insurance plans, there is almost 90% reimbursement always which also includes services of medication and prescription food which Pet Assure does not cover.

There have also been concerns raised by customers regarding the veterinary practices increasing the overall price which makes the discount almost zero. If you don’t show your ID card, you can’t avail of the discount, and Pet Assure won’t reimburse any cost later as well.

Pet Assure Disadvantages

  • Network is limited
  • 25% discount, not enough
  • Won’t cover prescription food or medication price
  • Absence of ID card equals no discount

Customer Service Offered By Pet Assure

Pet Assure assistance through phone and email is available from Monday to Friday. But there is an additional online portal that can always be accessed and your plan can be managed once you log in at any time. There is also a relatively lower need for service compared to pet insurance plans since there is no requirement of processing claims.

Closing Verdict: Is Pet Assure the Right Option for You?

The grounds on which Pet Assure is worth it depends on your pet’s conditions and needs. If your pet has pre-existing conditions or if you have multiple pets that would require care then this is the right plan for you. But make sure your vet is among the participatory network!

Coverage levels might be lower than pet insurance but you are also availing a wide range of services and benefits at the same time.


How does Pet Assure work?

Enroll your pet online, avail an ID card and show it at checkout to any vet that is part of the network to get your discount.

Is there a waiting period after enrollment?

None at all! You can get a discounted service the same day you enrolled too.

How do you use a Pet Assure veterinary discount?

Simply show your ID card to the vet and avail the discount.

What does Pet Assure not cover?

It doesn’t cover non-medical and outsourced services such as grooming or blood work.

What is Pet Assure’s cancellation policy?

You can avail of a refund within 45 days if you don’t like the services.

Key Takeaways

  • Pet Assure offers coverage the same day, disregarding the breed, age, and type of pets.
  • It has the most suitable plan for pets with pre-existing conditions.
  • Pet Assure provides a 25% discount on services compared to a 90% reimbursement of pet insurance plans.
  • It has a limited network and a low reimbursement rate.