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After the appearance of a Yorkshire terrier puppy in the house, the newly-made owners should immediately take care of organizing the toilet for their pet. Unlike large dogs, the terrier spends most of its time indoors.

Therefore, there is a need for a specially equipped place where he can relieve himself without giving the owners additional trouble with cleaning the apartment.

Puppy Training

To make it easier for a puppy to toilet train, the first step is to remove all the tracks and carpets from the floor for a while. After all, it is on them that dogs love to urinate so much. Then, having decided on the place, lay a pee pads (you can buy reusable pee pads suitable for small dogs here – It is she who in the future will serve as a place for going to the toilet.

In order to make the learning process easier and faster, it is better to limit the space for the animal by enclosing a small area with high sides made of cardboard or plywood. It will be easy for you to step over them, but it will not be possible for a dog to overcome such a barrier.

While the puppy is still quite small, 1-2 sq.m of area will be quite enough for him. In this area, there should be a sunbed and a pee pad. With such a small number of items, the puppy will almost certainly relieve himself in the right place. If it so happened that the puddle appeared in the wrong place, then blot it with a pee pad, then put it where all this should have happened. Thus, the puppy will be guided by its smell.

If you notice that the Yorkie is setting up to “do business” in the wrong place, then quickly move it to the potty pad. At first, he is unlikely to understand why he is being transferred, but later he will get used to going to the toilet in the same place.

You can also teach a small puppy to the tray. To do this, you need to put a flap of cloth or a pee pad in the tray, with which the excrement got wet. Since dogs have a highly developed sense of smell, they will quickly orient themselves to their smell and go to the toilet where they need to.

Adult Dog Training

cute puppy

Can’t toilet train a Yorkie – You say. Here, in no case should you give up, but you need to be patient, you will need it more than ever. After long and unsuccessful attempts to teach the Yorkshire Terrier to go to the toilet in a specially designated place, many owners are very upset and lose their last hope that the situation can still be corrected. But in vain.

To do this, you need to try this method: On the entire space allotted for the dog, you need to lay out potty pads. Then she would have no choice but to pee on them. Gradually, this will become a habit, and there will be less and less pee pads, down to one, which will serve as a toilet in the future.

How To Potty Train An Adult Yorkie?

Oh, this is no easy task. After all, it is very difficult to explain to an adult dog that it is impossible to write anywhere, but only in a certain place. It is very difficult for a pet to accept new rules and change an ingrained habit. But this does not mean at all that it is already impossible to retrain a dog. With maximum effort, patient owners will be able to achieve a positive result.

At the beginning of toilet training, you need to be very observant in order to learn to identify the needs of the pet by his behavior. As soon as you notice that the dog is looking for a place to pee – take it to the pee pad so that it does its job right there. With many repetitions, she will remember where to go.

Unlike a puppy, an adult Yorkie is much more difficult to teach to go to the toilet. There is more fuss with him because it often fails to do as the owners require. But in no case should a guilty dog be beaten for mistakes. It is enough to inform her in a stern voice that it is impossible to do this and show her where to go when needed.

After repeated unsuccessful attempts, the moment will come when the dog will please you and pee in the right place. For this, he must be encouraged. Stroke your little friend with words about how well done and smart he is, treat him with cookies … He will certainly like it and he will try to earn the recognition of the owners in the future.

In the process of potty training your dog, treat him gently. The dog should not be afraid of you, otherwise, it will be very difficult to teach him anything. But you can’t be too nice to him either. The ideal way to discipline a Yorkie would be the “carrot and stick” method. When you are guilty, you scold him and explain that you can’t do this. Well coped with the task – praise and treat.

It is worth remembering that one whip alone will not achieve any result. However, like gingerbread. So be patient and persistent. To instill in a dog any skills you need to stock up on time. At the same time, he must feel your love, care, and support and be sure that they will not stop loving him, even if something goes wrong.