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Yorkies are rather energetic dogs and they need to take food which is full of proteins and vitamins. If you want your Yorkie to be healthy, the right diet should be applied. Most of Yorkies cannot live without proteins in their diets. The thing is that proteins provide your pet with about 10 amino acids that are essential for their active life style.

These amino acids stand for building blogs in the body of dogs and are used in creation of numerous active compounds. Besides, amino acids are responsible for turning amino acids into energy which is so needed for Yorkies to lead an active life. And, it may be noticed if your dog lacks these essential amino acids as if there is a shortage in them, then your Yorkie will be dull and feel sleepy all the time. Other essential ingredients that need to be included into the diet of a Yorkie are considered to be dietary fats.Yorkie Food and Nutrition Guidelines

These fats are mostly represented by animal fats and seed oils. These fatty acids are quickly assimilated in the body of your pet and are considered to be crucial in the process of ingesting fat-soluble vitamins. They play a great role in cell function and structure and, thanks to them, the conditions of hair and skin of your pet may remain in a perfect condition for a long time.

If your Yorkie does not get the needed amount of fatty acids, such health conditions as vision problems, vulnerability to infections and physiologic effects in the body may happen. Minerals are the essential components that should be received with food.

The problem is that no single food contains all the needed minerals for the proper functioning of your Yorkie.

Minerals are crucially important for the proper functioning of inner body parts. Your Yorkie will not be able to generate the needed minerals and it is very important to timely supply them.

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