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There are a lot of Yorkies for sale but it is rather difficult to define whether a Yorkie is purebred or not. There are some recommendations for those who want to breed Yorkies and are interested in the best representatives of these dogs. Before spending any money, you need to carefully examine a dog and consider its physical characteristics.

Purebred and Non-Purebred Yorkies

Yorkie Colors

Buying a pet is an experience that’s very personal, precious, and exciting, but as exciting as it is, it can also be very tiresome. There are many different pet animals that people love to keep as pets. However, choosing a pet that is perfect for you can be a complicated process. Unless you are a dog person, in that case, you know what pet to get.

When it comes to dogs, there are more than 100 breeds of dogs available in the world. Dogs from different species have distinct characteristics, but many people love to have other traits in their dogs as well, and that’s when mixed breeding comes to play. But as exciting as the idea sounds to have the characteristic of two different breeds in one is, it also comes with its consequences, which can make the entire process of deciding which puppy to adopt a lot more complicated than you wish for it to be.

Yorkies are the smallest breed of dog available today, for as little as they are, they possess a vast number of traits. If they are mixed breed, the number gets even greater.

It is tough to tell a significant difference between a PUREBRED YORKIE AND A NON-PUREBRED YORKIE. It is easy to get confused to identify the differences between a purebred Yorkie and a non-purebred Yorkie.

To save you from mixing, we have jotted down some points for you. So next time you are on a hunt to adopt an angle, you know what to look for.

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Purebred Yorkie

Yorkie Dog

Many people believe that the terrier Yorkie is a pure breed, but the truth is, it isn’t. Terrier Yorkie is a mixed breed between a terrier and a toy dog, the unique combination of the two results in a terrier Yorkie. They were first developed in the 19th century in Yorkshire, England. In the early ’80s, every small dog resembling the Yorkie was named a Yorkshire terrier. But when it comes to the purebred Yorkie, their breed is tried to be kept purebred. But genetic mutation takes place in every new generation, and this factor is hard to eliminate.

A purebred Yorkie is about 4-6 pounds, and the maximum is 7 pounds. Non-purebred Yorkie weighs no more than 7 pounds. The height of an average pure breed Yorkie is 8-9 inches tall. The most prominent recognition of a purebred Yorkie is the color. They are born with a natural black and tan, but as the puppy starts to age, the hair’s black color begins to turn blue, which is completely normal. It happens due to genetic function, and there is nothing to be worried about.

A purebred Yorkie is also a blend of 2 colors. The five most common combinations found in a purebred Yorkie are black and tan, blue and tan, black and gold, blue and gold, and the last combination are a Parti. It is a combination of white, black, and tan. A Parti is a rare combination found in a Yorkie, but it does exist in a purebred Yorkie. If a Yorkie is a full-color such as all-black or all-chocolate, the chances are it is a hybrid.

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Short Haired Yorkie

Many dogs do well on store-bought packets of dog food, but it’s not the same when it comes to a Yorkie. Yorkie has a small digestive system. The artificial scents and colors in the dog food make it difficult to digest and make the little dog sick.

The best source of nutrition for a Yorkie is home-cooked food, PUREBREED AND NON-PUREBREED Yorkies strive for home-cooked food with lots of protein and fiber. Using lean meat and veggies such as carrots and potatoes is the best combination for a perfectly balanced meal for a Yorkie.

Yorkie needs an average of 30 to 40% protein to keep them energized. The best source of protein for a Yorkie is lean meat and grains. Giving a Yorkie an artificial source of protein or even plain protein isn’t the best, and it tends to make them sick.

Yorkie has hair as silky as a human. To keep that hair gorgeous forever, Yorkie needs the right amount of fats. A proper amount of omega-3 and omega-6 with fatty acids is beneficial for the PUREBREED AND NON-PUREBREED Yorkie. Still, one should give it in the right amount. Overexposed to the source of fat can result in obesity and other diseases.

Vitamins and minerals are other necessary nutrients for the dog. Vitamins and minerals keep the dogs healthy. Like humans, dogs can also suffer from a deficiency of vitamins, making them weak and lazy. Ensuring that the dog is given a good source of vitamins and minerals will help the dog thrive.

When it comes to the carbs, they aren’t Yorkies best friend. Since the Yorkies have a small digestive system, it is difficult for them to digest carbs. But a soft source of carbs now and then won’t hurt anyone. However, they should avoid complex sources of carbs such as corn.

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Yorkie Grooming

Yorkies have fine long hair. Yorkies’ owners are lucky since both PUREBRED AND NON-PUREBREED Yorkie don’t shed much hair, but they grow very fast and get long very quickly.

Grooming a Yorkie takes a bit of extra. It has to be done right because of one wrong step; your Yorkie will have a lousy haircut, which is something no one wants.

To maintain a more manageable grooming routine, it is essential to groom a Yorkie every week. Some steps don’t need to be repeated every week, but a few do. Having a grooming day scheduled every week will prevent so many complications if you do it once or twice a month.

One simple thing to groom your Yorkie instantly is to have the right brush. Having the right brush is the key to keeping the dog coat silky and shiny. Along with that, some eye drops, ear cleaning solutions, and a good quality dog shampoo is a must-have for every Yorkie owner.

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Exercise and Training

Yorkie running


Yorkies are small pups and are very agile, but this doesn’t mean they don’t need exercise. It is essential for PUREBRED AND NON-PUREBRED Yorkies to indulge in daily activity in a moderate amount to stay healthy.

There are two types of exercises that a Yorkie should receive daily;

One is a little cardio, such that it gives an extreme burst of energy. An excellent example of such an exercise is a catch-and-throw where you throw the ball, and Yorkie runs after it to catch it. Another good example is hide-and-seek, where you can hide, and your puppy has to run around to find you. You can also find dog toys for Yorkies.

Another great form of exercise for a Yorkie is moderate exercise, such as walks. But make sure not to walk your Yorkie too fast to the point that the puppy gets out of breath and struggles to maintain a regular breathing pattern. This is a hazardous case for a Yorkie since these small puppies are very fragile. Maintain an average pace while walking a Yorkie, and you can walk up to 15-20 minutes for a baby Yorkie, and 25-30 minutes is recommended for an adult Yorkie.

It is not necessary to give your Yorkie both types of exercise every day. Alternating between the two is the right balance.


Yorkies are sensitive. It is essential to give attention to every detail while training a Yorkie. They have the characteristic of being independent. But if you tend to carry your puppy around in your lap often, they are most likely to get insecure and will bark at every stranger. It is essential to let your Yorkie be free, so they learn to be self-sufficient. Holding a chew stick while training your Yorkie is a proven way of teaching control and other essential things such as sitting, lying, handshake, etc.

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Health Concerns for a Yorkie Purebred

Yorkie Vet Visits

Diarrhea: The most common health concern for a Yorkie purebred is the sensitive stomach. The stomach of Yorkie purebred is susceptible. If the dog eats anything high on carbohydrates or overeats without the intervals and exercise in between, they are likely to get diarrhea.

Hypoglycemia: hypoglycemia is a life-threatening disease in a Yorkie. It happens when the sugar level of the puppy drops below average. This is most likely to occur in younger puppies.

Periodontal disease: Yorkies have tiny jaws, and are overcrowded with teeth. Even when you brush the teeth of your Yorkie every week, there is a chance that you miss some areas. It can lead to building up plaque, resulting in decay. Also, it may spread to other organs, which is very harmful to the small dog.

Legg-Perthes: Legg-Perthes occur when the top bone of the hip joint starts to die. The cause of this disease is not entirely evident. Many pieces of research show that it is passed down genetically. It usually occurs in baby Yorkies between the age of 4 to 12 months, and as the Yorkie grows, the likelihood of Legg-Perthes disease decreases.

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Yorkshire Terrier Mix Breeds


The tradition of custom designing a breed to fit the family’s requirements has gained a lot of popularity in the last decade. As a result of this custom’s growing practice, many new breeds of dogs have been raised. The same thing has happened with the Yorkshire terrier. It belongs to the family of toy dogs and is the perfect companion. If you are looking for a confident, loving, independent, and affectionate dog, Yorkies are the best choice.

The Yorkshire terrier is America’s favorite toy dog. They are very suitable for apartment living and are very popular because of their loyalty to the owner.  The Yorkshire terrier and small in size have an attractive list of characteristics, and the possibility of mixed breeding in them is endless. Some of the most popular mixed breeds of Yorkshire terrier are;

Yorkillon: A mix-breed between a Yorkshire terrier and a Papillon

Torkie: A mix-breed between a Yorkshire terrier and a toy fox terrier

Havashire: A mix-breed between a Yorkshire terrier and a Havanese

Goldenshire: A mix-breed between a Yorkshire terrier and a golden retriever

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Health Concerns of Yorkshire Terrier Mix Breeds

Many of the health concerns of a breed of Yorkshire terrier are the same as the Yorkie, but the primary problem in a Yorkshire terrier mix breed is genetic diseases, which can often be heightened if they are mixed breed. Patellar luxation is one example of a disease caused due to a genetic disorder. Another widespread health concern in a Yorkshire terrier mix breed is Legg-Perthes.

Are Yorkie Purebreds Less Healthy When Compared to Mixed Breeds?

Yorkie Food

The main aim of mixed breeding is to eliminate the bad side of the individual breed and make of better version of the two. In most cases, the mixed breed Yorkie is healthier and possesses more characteristics. The non-purebred is healthfuller than both breeds involved, but there are also some cases where both the breeds’ genetic problems get carried forward to the mixed breed. In that case, the mixed breed is at a higher risk of health hazards.

But if you are going for a NON-PUREBREED rather than PUREBRED, make sure you go to someone who is an expert in the matter and knows precisely what he is doing and gives a guarantee of the creation.

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Should I Buy a Yorkie Terrier Mix Breed or Purebred

When it comes to making such a decision, there is no correct answer. What you bring home is based clearly on preference, but I’d say go for a mixed breed if you ask me. The chances of a genetic disorder are meager when it comes to breeding. If you go to the best Yorkie breeder, the risk becomes even lower.

So go for a mixed breed. That way, you will be getting the best of two species united in the form of a perfect puppy.


How to breed Yorkies?

Connect with a breeder to adopt Yorkies. Assess if your Yorkie has the potential to start breeding. Check for any disease in both the Yorkies. Then, you can start mating them.

How much is a purebred Yorkie?

Purebred Yorkie is around $300-$800.

How much is a Yorkie without papers?

The price of the Yorkie puppies without papers will be around 600$ to 1200$.

How old should a Yorkie be bred?

A female Yorkie should be at least 2 years old for breeding. A male Yorkie can be bred when he is at least a year old.