Everything about Yorkshire Terriers – Love your Yorkie
Everything about Yorkshire Terriers – Love your Yorkie

Seizures in Yorkie Terriers can be a sign of health Problems

Seizures in Yorkie Terriers
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When Yorkshire terriers experience seizures, it is sign that the dog is experiencing some health problems. The Yorkie is a small breed and are more risk of health problems than other breeds. The disorders can develop fast. If you see your dog having a seizure, you should contact a veterinarian right away.

A Yorkshire terrier can experience hypoglycemia if the dog doesn’t eat for a long period of time. Its liver will not be able to dispense sugar into the blood properly. Because it is a small breed, it stores less sugar than a large dog. Puppies that are two to four months old are at a higher risk because they are smaller. Their brain requires a lot of energy and makes up a large part of their bodies compared to adults. The brain gets its energy from the sugar in the blood and that’s why it is one of the first areas to display hypoglycemia.

Puppies suffering from hypoglycemia usually have seizures after they show signs of confusion, weakness, abnormally pale gums and drooling. It is recommended to feed the dog at least four times a day to avoid hypoglycemia. If the dog is having seizures, it should be fed with honey mixed with Gatorade.

Liver shunt is another condition that a Yorkie and other small breeds can develop. Puppies don’t need to filter their blood while in the womb. But if the bypass vein fails to close after birth, blood is allowed to pass through the body without being filtered by the liver. The unfiltered blood may trigger seizure, as well as vomiting, thirst, stunted growth, and lack of coordination. A liver shunt can be diagnosed through an ammonia tolerance test and X-ray. The only way to treat it is through surgery.

Seizures in Yorkie TerriersCanine Epilepsy is also another common cause of seizures. It occurs in two to three percent of dogs, no matter what their breeds might be. There are several health reasons that can cause epilepsy and a vet can control the seizures if it is due to epilepsy.

Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever are two diseases that are caused by ticks. A Yorkie can have seizures in severe cases of Lyme disease. It is important to keep the dog free of ticks.

Brain injury or tumor can also cause seizures. Tumors can cause pressure to the brain that can lead to seizures. A trauma to the head may also cause seizures to your dog.

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