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Signs a Yorkshire Terrier is in Heat

    Breed 101    August 9, 2014

Yorkshire Terrier to Breed

It is important to know when a Yorkshire terrier is ready to breed, especially if you are thinking of breeding it. The Yorkie is a small breed and is usually around seven inches tall. They were initially bred to catch rodents in mine shafts. The dog usually comes in heat in six month cycles and the first one is seen when the dog is six to 18 months old. For small breeds such as the Yorkshire terrier, the first heat comes sooner.


A Yorkie becomes sexually mature during six to 18 months old. During this period the female dog comes into heat. Male Yorkie usually start producing sperm during their sixth month. At this age, the dogs are not yet socially mature and they can’t find a mate until they reach the age of two. There are three parts of the heat cycle.

These are proestrus, estrus, and dietrus.

  • Proestrus is the first phase and often indicated by the swelling of the vulva as well as the bloody discharge from the vagina. The female will not want to mate with any male. The phase can last up around nine days.
  • Estrus is the second phase of the heat cycle. The discharge from the vagina becomes lighter in color and reduced amount. During this phase, the vulva swells more compared to the first phase. The female will now entertain male dogs. The phase can last between three and eleven days. The veterinarian can perform a vaginal smear to determine whether it is the right time to breed the dog.Yorkshire Terrier to Breed
  • Diestrus is the last phase of the heat cycle. It starts as soon as the second phase ends. The vulva starts to decrease in size and the discharge becomes redder. If the Yorkie is not pregnant, the last phase lasts from 60 to 90 days. If the dog is pregnant, then the phase continues until the dog gives birth.

Photo by Receptie123 [CC-BY-SA-3.0], undefined

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9 Responses to “Signs a Yorkshire Terrier is in Heat”

  1. Cassandra InDetroit on August 9, 2015 @ 9:33 pm

    sorry. above is not a full-blood yorkie. That curled tail is that of a Shi shu She is very pretty though, I have one myself and a full blood. Both girls ~

    • Tracey Nolen Owens on August 16, 2015 @ 8:41 pm

      You’re wrong in saying it is not a yorkie, the tail has not been docked. It is not the best quality tail for a yorkie when it curls but still a yorkie. You can tell by the face it is purebred. It’s actually more yorkie looking than your dogs.

      • Tanya Lomashewich Davis on October 1, 2016 @ 1:20 am

        Tracey is right. It’s a Yorkie. Yorkies are born with tails. I have one with her tail docked and my 1 year old we had told the breeder do not dock his tail. Either way they are beautiful dog.

  2. What is a good age to let my male teacup yorkie start mating? He is 4 months right now..

    • I would say around a year to a year and a half I have two yorkies a teacup and a normal one I would say don’t really know what she is we got her as a rescue dog so no paper work came with her but we are trying to find a mate for her she is a super super playful and a lap dog we are not breeding the teacup because she ha as enlarged heart can cause problems with her and could kill her we will not take the risk of the to happen

  3. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2c8c40cc6683ce2729f3d0e7cbb5d53600664d3f21ad152aeb3912440bc2e5ad.jpg I have a female that’s in heat and ready to mate her

  4. A breederI know breed a full blood unregistered yorkie with a morky who has full blood parents. The breeder is saying they are morkYs. Actually they would be 3/4 Yorkiesc and 1/4 morkykOr am I completely wrong.
    Thank you,


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