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As well as showing off their Yorkies on social media and watching dog-themed documentaries, people also throw themselves into other doggy-related offerings. For many dog owners, dog-themed games are a welcome addition to their daily routine, be it for a short go in the morning before work or for an hour-long session in the evenings.

Not everyone is necessarily a diehard gamer, though. As such, smartphone gaming’s more casual package tends to appeal more. The fact that people can explore a diverse collection of games through a phone they use to send WhatsApp messages and make calls anyway makes gaming easily accessible, while the releases available to play these days have never been so inviting. For people after some dog-themed products, there are some viable titles that certainly deserve a go.

So, with that in mind, let’s take a brief look at some of the best smartphone games for dog lovers to sample in 2023.

Dog Simulator is mightily impressive

In terms of providing an authentic dog-related game, Dog Simulator absolutely nails it. If you’ve ever fancied caring for a dog in the virtual world alongside your Yorkie in real life, then you’ll surely take to this mightily impressive release. A fun creation to sample, players are tasked with looking after their pooch companion. Along the journey, you can team up with friends and family in this great product.

Pokemon Go features canine-like creatures

Although Pokemon Go isn’t necessarily filled with dogs, there are creatures that certainly resemble them. For example, the likes of Arcanine, Houndoom, Rockruff, Lillipup, Growlithe, Stoutland, Furfrou and Smeargle all offer similarities to some much-loved dog breeds. Additionally, the game is excellent to play while taking the dog for a walk, too, as trainers can take down gyms, hatch eggs, catch and evolve a huge selection of Pokemon, and enjoy the game’s augmented reality feature to the maximum.

Dog Sim Online features excellent graphics

If you prefer a more realistic and relatable gaming escapade, then Dog Sim Online is probably the game for you. A role-playing masterpiece with beautifully clear graphics, this RPG product offers a large in-game environment as you live life as a dog and go on a variety of adventures while exploring the game’s open-world setting.

The Dog House slot game features pampered pooches

Alongside the downloadable products on iOS and Android phones is a plethora of browser game options that appeal to gamers everywhere. Casino-style games are some of the most popular browser titles around, largely because they serve up a strong selection of gaming products but also because they’re easy to access and can be enjoyed on the go. The Dog House game stands out as an enticing option, which you can try for free. Its vibrant and playful style elevates the gaming experience, and its user-friendly interface makes it easy to play and enjoy.

Dogotchi is a throwback


(Image via

If you’re familiar with the old Tamagotchi days and potentially grew up with one all those years ago, then Dogotchi might just tickle your fancy. While the game isn’t the most complicated offering around, that’s part of its appeal for many gamers. In Dogotchi, gamers have to simply take care of cute pooches and make sure that they’re thriving. From feeding them to giving them cuddles, this 8-bit delight is a joy to session and can be dipped in and out of with ease.

Other smartphone games for dog lovers to sample includes My Talking Dog – Virtual Pet, My Pet Village, Crazy Dog Racing, Dog Town, and Wild Dog Survival Simulator.