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Biting is a common problem among Yorkies as well as among other small dog breeds. This intention to bite is noticed among young Yorkies but if certain measures have not been taken, then they will preserve this habit. Biting is usually noticed when a Yorkie is adapting to a new environment and to new owners. Sometimes, Yorkies are too energetic and they may bite you without paying any attention to what they have done.

That is why your mission should be to reduce this energy in your dog and not to let your dog bite other people. You need to stop this intention at the very beginning.

You need to reduce activities that influence the energetic mood of your dog for a while to let the pet forget how to bite and learn how to control the emotions. You also need to set certain limitations in behavior of your dog and not to let the pet do whatever he or she wants. You must let your dog know the boundaries with the help of forbidding the dog enter certain areas of the house accompanying it with your dominant body posture.Biting Yorkie

Another way to make your dog stop biting others is to make the pet licking instead of biting. It works perfectly with Yorkies as they all tend to lick the hands but at the same time, you will need to reward it with gentle praising. You will need to find ways to reinforce this behavior.

Another effective way to calm your dog down is to speak to your Yorkie in an authoritative way when the dog starts biting your fingers or arms. You need to use a method of direct eye contact and keep it for several minutes. After that, you may return to your normal behavior as if nothing has happened.

Photo by Swatjester [GFDL, CC-BY-SA-3.0 undefined CC BY 2.5], undefined