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Pets have been known to make many people happy, uplift them when they’re sad, and give them pure, unadulterated loyalty that no other living being can offer. People get pets to accompany them in times of solace and when they need a boost in their spirit.

Getting a pet is a big responsibility. When you’re already out of melancholy, you can’t just decide to abandon your pet and go on with your life, especially with dogs. No amount of money can replace the love they give you. So, as an owner, you must care for them until they breathe their last breath, regardless of their breed.

Today, the most popular dog breed in the United States remains the Golden Retriever. But smaller breeds like the Yorkshire Terrier or Yorkies are also being acquired because of their charming personality.

What Is A Yorkie?

Yorkie is short for Yorkshire Terrier. It’s an affectionate and very social breed that’s a great family dog because they’re generally good with children and very friendly with other dogs. A Yorkie is a compact, toy-size dog that weighs very light at an average of seven pounds. The breed has a floor-length, silky coat much more similar to human hair than dog fur. That’s why this dog breed is considered hypoallergenic.

The Yorkie looks very dainty and pretty with the glossy mane of hair, but under the delicate hair is a feisty personality typical of a trusted watchdog. Although the Golden Retriever is the most popular dog breed in the United States, the Yorkie is the most favorite breed of urbanites worldwide. Many celebrities can be seen strutting the streets holding a bag with a Yorkie.

When left at home, dogs can suffer from separation anxiety and may get depressed. You’ll know they’re depressed if they develop behavioral problems, won’t eat, will sleep all the time, lose weight, and lose interest in doing things they like.

If you’re a busy person with a blossoming career or somebody who doesn’t have time to watch over a dog like a hawk, you can still care for a Yorkie. It would help if you remembered that a Yorkie puppy couldn’t be left alone at home for longer than two to three hours, while an adult Yorkie can only be left alone for a maximum of five hours.

Closeup Portrait of Yorkshire Terrier Dog Lying on White background

If you wish to have a Yorkie, whenever you need to attend to something important, you can entrust them to a dog boarding facility like the one at this Allbreeds site. If you’re busy, you can do the following to your Yorkie:

1. Leave Them With Their Favorite Toys

Time will pass by anyone fast if they’re busy playing with something. It is true for humans and even more so for dogs. If you need to leave your adult Yorkie at home, you can buy chew toys for them, and once they have acclimated to the toy, they will look for it all the time.

2. Get A Treat Dispensing Dog Camera

A treat dog camera is technology’s way of helping busy people cope with constantly being away from their pups. It’s a device that can be operated through an app you can download on your smartphone. With this device, you can talk to your Yorkie whenever you want to and even give them treats through the app.

3. Leave Them With Sufficient Food And Water

Before you leave to go somewhere, ensure that your Yorkie has enough food and water to last him for the duration. This way, you can be comfortable knowing they won’t get hungry or thirsty and won’t destroy anything in the house out of boredom.

4. Take Your Yorkie To Work

Many companies recognize the need for their employees to be with their pets. So, to help fur parents and pets cope, some companies have a bring your pet to work day. It would also be a perfect opportunity for your Yorkie to mingle with other dogs. Make sure that when you take them anywhere, they have already been vaccinated with all necessary vaccines to protect them and other dogs from sickness.

5. Entrust Your Yorkie With A Fellow Fur Parent

A fellow fur parent in the community will understand your predicament and would love to lend a helping hand. Helping others in a community with pets is very beneficial. Because in times when you’re free, and they need your assistance, you would return the favor, right?

6. Hire A Pet Sitter

In cases when you don’t feel confident leaving your pup alone, you may hire a trained dog sitter to look after your furry pal. A pet sitter with the right experience with a Yorkie can be the solution to your dilemma.


A Yorkie is a social animal, and a young Yorkie can be highly dependent on its owners. If you wish to get one and know that you’re going to be very preoccupied with work and commitments, you might want to reconsider the breed you’d get.

In just a few days, this tiny dog will capture your heart and soul, and you wouldn’t be able to leave them. And if you’re thinking about separation anxiety, you might be the one to have it more than your Yorkie. But, following the tips mentioned, like leaving them at a boarding facility and hiring a pet sitter, will significantly help you and your Yorkie.



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