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Training your Yorkshire Terrier the Right Way

    Behavior and Training    November 9, 2014

Using a crate to train your Yorkie

Crate training a Yorkshire terrier should not be treated as a punishment to the dog or something cruel. Crates should be seen as a safe place for the Yorkie. It is where the dog can go and curl up once in a while. The crate serves as a sanctuary that allows a dog to adjust to new surroundings, be at ease, sleep, and provide a sense of security when alone at home.

Using a crate will allow the pet owner to train the puppy not to destroy or chew things in the house that includes the furniture. Chewing things can lead to a destructive habit and can hurt itself in the process. A crate can also be used to speed up housebreaking the Yorkie puppy. The crate should not be used as a replacement for human companionship or punishment. It must be a place where the Yorkie feels secure and safe.

A wire crate offers maximum security, portability, and ventilation. Most crates can be collapsed and folded so that they can be stored when not in use. They are open enough to make it easy to clean.

When purchasing a crate, it must be big enough to allow the puppy to find a corner and use it as a toilet area. Another corner is used by the puppy as its sleeping spot.

  • There are some crate partitions that can be moved as the puppy grows.
  • Soft bedding must be placed in the bottom of the crate to keep the dog warm and comfortable.
  • You should never punish the dog when it pees in the crate as accidents do happen.
  • Puppies have small bladders and do need to eliminate often.
  • The puppy must not have any collar on because it can be caught on the cage that will trap or choke the pet.
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