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Most dogs and cats develop tear stains over time. The tear stains result from excessive tear production from the eyes of dogs and cats. They become crusty after a few seconds and are reddish-brown.

It is very difficult and irritating for both the pet and its owner. The tear stains are difficult to remove and irritate the pet. Usually, they develop as a result of eye irritation or a bacterial infection.

You can easily remove the tear stains with the help of tear stain remover wipes.  The tear stain remover wipes are available for both dogs and cats.

In this article, we will walk you through a step-by-step guide on how to use tear stain remover wipes for dogs and cats. We will also discuss some of its incredible features.

Step 1: Consult Your Vet For The Best Tear Stain Remover Wipes

You must consult your vet before buying tear stain remover wipes from a certain medical store or pet shop. The vet will advise you on the best safety product for your pet. Your vet will recommend the best commercial tear stain remover wipes for dogs and cats.

You may go for an herbal or natural product for a safer option, but the label of these herbal and natural products sometimes misleads.

Herbal products can also be made with synthetic chemicals that harm your pet. So, consulting the vet before buying the product is best for you and your cat or dog.

Step 2: Compare The Recommended Stain Remover Products

Try to look for reviews of the product before buying it. Compare the stain remover you plan to buy with others on the web. You can check the reviews online or compare its components with other stain removers.

Buy the FDA-approved product because non-FDA products have bad quality. Non-FDA products have a bad reputation and can cause severe health issues in your dog or cat.

Step 3: Make Your Pet Ready For The Procedure

Find the area in your house where your pet feels most comfortable. The site should be well-lit to start the tear stain removal process. You should also have another person assist you and help you through the procedure.

Use a foaming cleanser before wiping to clean the area around the eyes. The cleanser will remove the crusty eye discharge. Using a cleanser will make it easier for you to use the wipes.

Step 4: Have Some Treats In Your Hand For Your Pet

Gather some treats and rewards in front of your pet so that it cooperates during the process. This initiative will maintain a positive environment for your pet. The pet will feel more comfortable and remain patient during the removal of the tear stain.

Step 5: Start Wiping The Eye Area

Take a single tear stain remover wipe from the pack. Now start wiping the yes with the wipes. Fold the wipe into manageable size if needed. Use the wipes in a gentle downward stroking position and wipe the area.

When the wipe becomes dirty with stains, use a new one to avoid the spread of bacteria around the eye area. Try not to apply extra pressure, as the eyes are very sensitive.

Step 6: Maintain Your Pet’s Hygiene After The Procedure

Hygienically doing the cleaning process is essential. After using each wipe, immediately discard it to avoid cross-contamination. Do not use the same wipe on both eyes for cleaning. This will cause irritation and bacterial buildup in the eyes.

Step 7: Repeat The Process Often

Tear stains may not be completely removed after one application process. So, for complete removal, repeat the process sometimes every week. Try to adopt a consistent cleaning routine to maintain your pet’s hygiene. Patience is the key to embracing a healthy life for your pet. Consistency is important for removing the tear stain completely.

Step 8: Consult The Vet For Antibiotics

The production of molecules called porphyrins can sometimes cause tear stains. Antibiotics can be used to lessen the production of porphyrins. Do not buy any antibiotics without a vet’s consultation. However, you may have to go for other methods if antibiotics are unsuccessful.

Features of Dog And Cat Eye Wipes

The dog and cat eye wipes we recommend have some awesome features you may not find in other tear stain remover wipes. The following are the features of dog-cat eye wipes:

  • The dog-cat eye wipes remove the crusty debris from the eyes of your dog or cat.
  •  It reduces the sensation of itching and irritation.
  •  It is proven to prevent the production of tears from your pet’s eyes.
  • These wipes quickly remove the stains and keep the fur around the eyes clean and beautiful.
  • The dog-cat eye wipes are soft and gentle on the eyes of dogs and cats.
  • You get a total of 10 wipes in the pack.
  • The presoaked cotton eye pads are easy to use, and there is no need to rinse with water after using wipes on the eyes.
  •  The dog cat eye wipes contain no harsh chemicals or bleach, which makes the wipes completely safe for your pet.
  •  The wipes are manufactured by Tetesole store, which is well known for pet products.
  • Each wipe has a size of 13.5 inches, making cleaning easy.


The presence of tear stains around the eyes of cats and dogs can be irritating for both the pets and their owners. These stains not only make the fur appear dirty but also lead to the formation of crusty debris in that area.  The best remedy for this problem is tear stain removal wipes for dogs and cats.


Do tear-stain wipes work for dogs?

Yes, tear stain wipes can work for dogs by reducing and removing tear stains around their eyes.

Are dog eye wipes safe?

Yes, dog eye wipes are generally safe to use when used according to the instructions provided.

Are tear stain removers safe?

Yes, tear stain removers are safe when used as directed.

How does tear stain remover wipe work?

Tear stain remover wipes work by gently wiping away tear stains and debris without causing irritation.