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The coronavirus has changed everything, and dog care is no exception. Just because we might be in the middle of a pandemic, does not mean that you should stop caring for your dog.

How Has Dog Care Changed for The Better During the Pandemic?

Your dog is your family, they are important, and they depend on you. So, make sure you don’t let them down. Most people who already have dogs know this, but since the pandemic started, more and more people are looking at bringing a dog into their life.

The online sales of good boys and girls has risen greatly in recent times, even amid concerns over their care and nurturing. Many more people want a new best friend, but that doesn’t mean that they’re always necessarily equipped to take on the task. This kind of turn is inexcusable, particularly when dog care has arguably been improved in many ways over the course of the pandemic.

How might caring for your present or future dog have changed during the pandemic? In what ways has it changed for the better? You’ll find some answers down below.

Appreciation for Care

Dogs rely on their humans for their overall wellbeing, but there is growing appreciation of the fact that dogs are now returning the favor.

A lot of people feel that having a dog makes their life complete. It helps bring them happiness, a dog can offer companionship and love. These are often the things that people are craving in life, particularly when loneliness is on the rise due to lockdowns.

So, it comes as no surprise that people are truly appreciating their dogs. In fact, it’s not uncommon to stumble upon an article from a writer praising their dog during the COVID era, swearing that they are what is carrying them through.

Being such a beacon of positivity helps to counter things like anxiety and depression in the owner, and overall, people are simply taking more notice. It’s about appreciating the little things, spending time with a reliable friend more than a pet.

Dog care has changed for many people, simply because it’s brought about an entirely new perspective. So long as they have food, water, walks, and love, then dogs are perfectly content. It’s a formula as old as time, but today, it has a bit of extra sparkle.

Enhanced Shopping Experiences

Depth, detail, and quality research can be quite exemplary of a quality service, and the internet gives more room for each to breathe in a business.

Complete raw dog food specialists Bella and Duke are a great example of this principle, and you can see that for yourself here:

After checking out this guide, you’ll find a great range of raw, healthy food for your dog to enjoy, all at an affordable cost. Not only this, but all their products are backed up by research, proven to benefit the health of your beloved canine companion!

Online shopping presents more accessibility, swapping labels with tiny product descriptions for detailed rundowns on all the benefits of quality dog food. Portion information, scientific analysis, proven results – it’s all there.

Bella and Duke also have a blog, with insightful writings linking to all the research they have consulted before publishing. It’s a higher quality of service, offering more than plucking something off of a shelf.

Easier Vet Consultations

Vets are still on-call, but the way many dog owners interact with them in the first instance has changed. That comes as no surprise as things always change, the important thing is though that the dog is loved and cared for, that’s what truly matters.

Having a vet on call though, and making sure that you dog is up to date with all it’s treatments hasn’t changed, you still need to make sure that your dog is healthy (which should also mean that your dog is happy)

When the health issue isn’t too pressing, vet consultations now take place over platforms such as Zoom or other online forums.

It upholds the social distancing guidelines and also provides convenience in buckets for you as an owner. There’s no driving, no laborious signing in at reception desks, and no noisy or smelly waiting rooms to be stuck in.

Doing anything from the comfort of your own home is always a win!

It’s not just the humans that get a lot out of the arrangement – the animals do too! The Independent suggests that online vet appointments are just the thing for anxious pets, helping the animals stay calm and collected.

After all, in the vet surgeries themselves, they often handled by strangers, which is understandably unnerving, to say the least.

Via Zoom consultations, the animal isn’t really aware that the vet is present at all, which means for them, it’s just another day of being cuddled!