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Due to the energy character present in Yorkies, they may become good friends and, in some cases, help kids with mental disabilities. They can play a great role in helping kids correct their behavior and develop a sense of responsibility. Yorkies may become a real autism service dogs. It is a relatively new type of service dogs that can assist kids coping with communication and behavior problems.

They can actually provide emotional and practical assistance to kids with autism. In general, autism is a condition which is revealed is a sort of deficit of social interaction and communication. Kids living with autism need to apply a lot of strength to communicate and most of them can be divided into verbal and non-verbal. Their behavior is not predictable and they are used to run away from their caregivers.

Such service dogs as Yorkshire terriers help these kids stay calm and save their lives. Yorkshire terriers may be specifically trained to work with kids and can easily stay with kids if they are one year old or older. Since a dog is young, it will not react unpredictably to the child’s behavior as Yorkies are able to adapt as soon as possible. Most often, Yorkies are able to attract attention of these kids and this fact can be a vital tool for families with autistic kids.

If you are not professional and you do not know how to train your Yorkie to be a service dog then you need to find such an organization that specializes on autism service dogs. The cost of this training is not cheap and the cost of it may vary from $10,000 to $15,000. This training takes about 5-7 month and families that are going to have such a dog will need to undergo a specific training as well. Autistic kids will take an active part in this training as well.