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Whether you’re a Yorkie lover or a Yorkie owner; you’d love to have some Yorkie-themed t-shirts in your wardrobe. They’re cute little pups who deserve their photos printed anywhere people can see them. Imagine walking down the streets with a picture of your Yorkie.

It’s an excellent way of flaunting your pet while letting them know how much you love them! This is your sign to customize your wardrobe with Yorkie theme clothing items. Here are some excellent ideas to customize your wardrobe with Yorkie theme t-shirts.

Yorkie-Themed Custom Design Ideas

If you’re unsure of where to start, here are some Yorkie-themed design ideas to get you started. You can also browse online for some inspiration.

Printed photo

Browse your photo gallery and then pick the best photo of your Yorkie. You can also choose a picture of you with your pet if you want. Do some editing on it, and put it inside a frame. Consider a heart-shaped frame. If you can’t pick just one photo, you can consider picking several images and creating a photo collage out of them. You can use various online editors to make and edit the collage for free. Choose family photos with the dog or of the dog alone, and make a frame that you deem printable.

Custom texts 

From a simple “my name is *your dog’s name*” to something more elaborate, like anything you say to your dog often, you can use text to make the design even more personal and better. You can play around with words, make dog puns, or simply go for ‘I love my pet’ declaration. The texts are meant to add a special personal touch to the design, so you can consider your options and paste them with the image.

From Yorkie t-shirts and shirts to hoodies, you can get various Yorkie-themed apparel made and customize your wardrobe with your pet-themed items.

How to Make Custom Designs 

Making custom designs is easy if you know where to start. Here is how you can get custom clothing made without spending much money.

Use a tool to make the design 

There are hundreds of online design tools to choose from. If that’s not enough, some print-on-demand outlets provide a tool of their own to make things easier for the customers. You can use their tool or a third-party tool to make your design. Once you are finished, download what you have made to be sent to the print-on-demand (POD) outlet for printing.

Choosing the POD outlet 

Again, you would find several print-on-demand outlets operating online. The challenge is to choose which one. Some factors to consider while choosing the outlet are the quality of the fabric they use, printing style, cost of printing, and delivery locations. Select an outlet local to you so the shipping charges are not too high unless you have found a gem that provides inexpensive worldwide shipping. Check the reviews of the service provider before finalizing as well.

Send your design for print

Once you have chosen the POD service provider you want to associate with, send them the design you have made. You can also consult a professional for suggestions and the feasibility of the design. After all, you’re no professional and could only do an amateur job at best. As soon as the design is finalized, you can request the tshirt printing and have the apparel delivered to your doorstep. Could ordering Yorkie theme custom clothes be any easier? We think not.

Now is the time to make the most of the personalization trend and create as many custom clothes as possible. If not Yorkie, you can design other themed garments as well.