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Yorkshire Terriers May be Predisposed to Protein Losing Enteropathy

    Diet and Nutrition    December 8, 2014

Protein Losing Enteropathy

Health of any Yorkshire Terrier depends on the ability to eat and assimilate beneficial nutrients. If this process is not in order, your Yorkie will experience certain diseases and the conditions may be really harmful. One of these most dangerous diseases could be protein losing enteropathy which does not let the dog perform activities in the normal way. During this disease, your Yorkie may experience certain conditions associated with the intestines.

The process of identifying useful nutrients starts with the stomach, followed by the intestines where all the food is divided into useful or useless nutrients. Then, the bloodstream picks up the most useful ones and spreads them among the other body parts. Thus, the physical structure gets the needed number of energy for daily living.

Yorkshire Terriers may appear to be the most likely breeds that may suffer from this disease.

If you see that your dog becomes passive and it seems that it lacks energy, then you need to see a vet.

Protein Losing EnteropathyAfter discussing the symptoms of the current condition, the proper examination will take place. It is also possible to identify the blood protein level in your dog as well as blood calcium level. As a result of all the examinations, the vet will be able to define the disease of your dog that promotes the loss of proteins in the body. The treatment may not be fast and you need to have patience to follow all sorts of the instructions to return your dog back to life.

Besides, your vet will work out a detailed plan of treatment which will help manage the symptoms of the disease and a set of exercises will be provided. For all the period of this treatment, your vet will be checking the blood protein level to prevent any significant decrease.

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