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Dogs love to spend time with their owners, and many want to be close to their owners at all times. In fact, it’s very stressful for the dogs when their owners leave them alone at home. So, it’s always fun if you can bring your canine to tag along when you enjoy your hobby.

In Australia, many love to gamble and play pokies. Luckily, a lot of them do it from the comfort of their homes. They use Australian online sites accepting Neosurf as these are foreign operators and this payment method is very efficient for international transfers. This allows them to play their favourite games at a lower price, and their dog can always be nearby.

Since dogs are very popular on the internet, many owners of cute breeders like Yorkshire Terriers use them in their videos to get more clicks. Since online casino fans often stream their game session, it’s not uncommon to see dogs in their videos. In a way, your canine friends can help you create a win-win situation in an online casino.

All you need to do is pick reliable operators that allow you to use ezeewallet or similar payment methods. There is a list of operators with ezeewallet withdrawal in Australia, so you can play on one of those sites and film your session. Make sure your dog appears in the video, and you might get some extra cash off of ad revenue and affiliate marketing.

Even better film a video with the dog in an actual casino. If you have a small and popular breed like Yorkshire Terriers, stick around. We will talk about gambling establishments where you can take your Yorkie with you.

Which Casinos In The World Allow Pets

There are lots of casinos that will allow you to bring in your pet, so long as it’s a small animal. There are lots of Yorkshire terriers sizes, but almost all of them are allowed in the casino.

There are always restrictions depending on the establishment, and some allow pets of up to 25lb whereas others allow even bigger animals that weigh up to 70lb. Here we will go over a few famous gambling resorts where you can bring your Yorkie.

  • Caesars Palace – Charges an extra fee for a pet that has to be up to 50lb. Regardless of Yorkie size it will have to be in a designated area.
  • Hard Rock in Biloxi, Mississippi – Amazing interior, great musing, lots of games, and a pet-friendly area.
  • Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo
  • Belterra Casino Resort – Check via phone to see if a pet-friendly room is available

There are many hotels out, especially in the US that are pet friendly and that have a casino section. Since Yorkie size and weight are small you should have no issues finding accommodation there.

Yorkshire Terriers Size Restrictions or Guidelines Set By The Casino

yorkie size

Yorkies are small dogs. It’s highly unlikely that you will have trouble getting into a pet-friendly establishment on account of Yorkie terrier sizes. For those who don’t know how big are yorkies, they are between 8 and 9 inches in height (if adult), and they can weigh up to 7 pounds, assuming they are not obese.

In other words, even some of the strictest pet-friendly policies won’t get in the way of you bringing your canine friend to a hotel.

Benefits and Considerations For Taking A Different -Sized Yorkshire Terrier

Casinos do have restrictions when it comes to a gaming area. If you think about it it’s almost impossible to see players who have their pets at the roulette tables, or by their side when they are on a slot machine.

That being said, there are certain exceptions. Yorkie sizes vary depending on the breed, and teacup or miniature Yorkshire terrier will easily fit in a small bag. So, it’s possible to see players who have a very small pet in their bags while playing slots.

Casino guidelines are usually there to ensure the establishment can maintain safety and hygiene. Since these are harmless and are in one place, some establishments won’t be as strict. This is great if your little friend is your lucky charm, and if they calm you down. After all, you should never play while frustrated.

Preparing For The Casino Visit With Yorkie, Including Necessary Supplies

It’s important to remember that dogs will get bored, hot and hungry. Bring some fresh water, treats and tissues for your pet just in case. If it needs to stay in an area with other pets, you should bring the certificates or proof of vaccination.

Even though dogs do like to spend time with their owners they will likely get bored if you play for too long. and they have to stay in one place. It’s often better to use popular gambling websites at home for a prolonged session.

One of the Real  Cases When Someone Took Yorkie Terrier In A Casino

Many celebrities love this dog breed but it’s difficult to find evidence of them taking them to a casino. Luckily there are internet videos where you can find all sizes of Yorkies playing slots. Usually, their owner holds them near the machine and presses the spin button with their paw.

As mentioned it makes for a fun video, and they want to test if their pup is going to bring them luck. One example would be Bella the Yorkie, it’s a short video published in January 2023, so you can check it out here.



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