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Allergies in Yorkies and what Triggers Them

    Preventive Care    February 6, 2015

Prevent yorkie allergies

A lot of dogs suffer from allergies or experience allergenic reactions and your Yorkie may not be an exception. Dog breeders consider that about 30 percent of all dogs have a certain type of allergy. The triggers may be numerous but experts differentiate three types of them that include contact, inhaled and ingested ones.

Without paying attention to allergies and without timely treatment, your Yorkie may suffer a great number of symptoms which can cause certain discomfort either to dogs or to dog owners. In most cases, the treatment may be really simple and all you need to do is to change the environment where the dog stays most of the time. But allergies may not be so innocent and they will prevent your dog from proper functioning as well.Prevent yorkie allergies

Most of the physical symptoms may be rather painful. That is why any dog owner needs to know possible allergies that may be suffered by his dog.

Contact Allergies

Considering contact allergies, it must to be said that they are usually triggered by your dog touching something. This contact may not be long but the reaction may be immediate. Among contact triggers, we may find: carpet cleaners, laundry detergents, shampoos and conditioners.

Inhaled Allergies

Yorkie Terriers experience inhaled allergies when something gets into their respiratory system and it becomes inflamed. Among the mentioned allergies, we may consider: smoke, pollens and grasses.

Ingested Allergies

Ingested allergies may always be associated with such symptoms as itching, fur loss, coughing and sneezing. First of all, you need to take measures to define the causes of allergies. The elimination of triggers will reduce the effects of allergy attacks. One of the most effective ways is to change flooring in your house. Hardwood floors would be a perfect solution for any dog as it will not collect any dust which may cause allergy. If you have carpets in your house, you need to use a hypoallergenic cleaner without odor.


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